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July 15, 2024: Derecho Produces Widespread Wind Damage and Numerous Tornadoes

Published 2024-07-17

July 14-15, 2024: Line of Storms Produces Swaths of Wind Damage and Embedded Tornadoes

Published 2024-07-17

WXK-24 Odell NOAA Weather Radio Off the Air

Published 2024-07-15

WXK-24 Odell NOAA Weather Radio Off the Air

July 13-14, 2024: Significant Flash Flooding in Rockford and Isolated Morning Wind Damage

Published 2024-07-14

June 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-07-03

Beach Hazards and Water Safety Awareness: Dangerous Conditions on Sunday!

Published 2024-06-29

June 22, 2024: Heavy Rainfall, Swaths of Wind Damage, and Four EF-0 Tornadoes in the Chicago Suburbs

Published 2024-06-26

June 16, 2024: Thunderstorms and an Associated Gust Front Produce Scattered Wind Damage in Northern Illinois

Published 2024-06-17

Visit our Summer Safety Website!

Published 2024-06-02

May and Meteorological Spring 2024 Climate Summaries

Published 2024-06-01

Flood impact categories will change for West Branch DuPage River at Warrenville, Illinois, on July 1, 2024

Published 2024-05-26

Effective July 1, 2024, flood impact categories will change for the West Branch DuPage River at Warrenville, Illinois

The 2024 Recreational Beach Forecast Season Starts this Week!

Published 2024-05-23

Aurora Forecast from the Space Weather Prediction Center

Published 2024-05-10

Flood impact categories will change for Little Calumet River in Cook County, Illinois, on June 3, 2024

Published 2024-05-03

Effective June 3, 2024, flood impact categories will change for the Little Calumet River at South Holland, Illinois.

April 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-05-02

Viewing and Cloud Cover Information for the April 8th Solar Eclipse

Published 2024-04-06

March 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-04-04

Flood impact categories will change for Deep River and Turkey Creek in Lake County, Indiana, on May 1, 2024

Published 2024-03-29

Effective May 1, 2024, flood impact categories will change for Turkey Creek at Schererville, Turkey Creek at Merrillville, and Deep River at Hobart. All of these locations are in Lake County, Indiana.

March 22, 2024: Heavy Snow Band Produces Up to 9" of Snow Accumulation in Far Northern Illinois

Published 2024-03-25

KXI-86 Crescent City NOAA Weather Radio Currently Off the Air

Published 2024-03-14

KXI-86 Crescent City NOAA Weather Radio Currently Off the Air

February 2024 and Winter 2023-2024 Climate Summaries

Published 2024-03-03

Climate summaries for February of 2024 and Winter of 2023-2024.

February 27, 2024: Record Warmth Culminates in Evening Severe Storms With Large Hail and Several Tornadoes

Published 2024-02-28

Spring Flood Outlook: Below average to near average flood risk for area river basins

Published 2024-02-15

Mid-Late January 2024: Ice Jams and River Flooding

Published 2024-01-26

January 14-17, 2024: Multiday Stretch of Bitterly Cold Temperatures and Wind Chills

Published 2024-01-17

January 12-13, 2024 Heavy Snowfall Event

Published 2024-01-13

2023 Calendar Year Climate Summary

Published 2024-01-04

December 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2024-01-04

Record Number of Tornadoes in the NWS Chicago Forecast Area in 2023

Published 2023-12-29

WNG-689 Hebron NOAA Weather Radio Off the Air

Published 2023-12-27

WNG-689 Hebron NOAA Weather Radio Off the Air

Fall and November 2023 Climate Summaries

Published 2023-12-04

Preview NWPS, the updated river observations and forecasts site planned to replace AHPS in 2024

Published 2023-11-30

Thanksgiving Climate Data for Chicago and Rockford

Published 2023-11-22

Attend Virtual Winter Spotter Training! There are 2 Virtual Classes remaining!

Published 2023-11-20

October 2023 Climate Recap

Published 2023-11-01

September 2023 Climate Recap

Published 2023-10-02

Climate summary for September 2023 for Chicago and Rockford

September 17, 2023: Significant Flash Flooding in the Near South Suburbs of Chicago

Published 2023-09-18

Drought conditions worsening across the area

Published 2023-09-07

Summer and August 2023 Climate Summaries

Published 2023-09-02

August 23-24, 2023: Late Summer Heat Wave Results in Consecutive Days With 115+° Heat Indices

Published 2023-08-25

July 2023 Climate Recap

Published 2023-08-01

July 28-29, 2023: Multiple Rounds of Storms, Including Several Late Night Tornadoes and Damaging Winds

Published 2023-07-29

July 14, 2023: Storms Produce Damaging Winds Across Northern Illinois and an EF-0 Tornado in DuPage County

Published 2023-07-15

July 12, 2023: Localized Tornado Outbreak with 13 Tornadoes Across Northeast Illinois

Published 2023-07-13

June 2023 Climate Recap

Published 2023-07-03

July 2, 2023: Significant Flash Flooding in Chicago and Nearby Suburbs

Published 2023-07-03

Fermilab Recognized as StormReady!

Published 2023-06-14

This week (June 4-10) is Beach Hazards & Water Safety Awareness Week! 

Published 2023-06-04

Link to announce Beach Hazard and Water Safety Awareness Week for 2023!

Scattered Storms Produce Spotty, But Beneficial Rainfall

Published 2023-06-03

Spring and May 2023 Climate Summaries

Published 2023-06-02

Soliciting Comments on the Display of Future Plain Language Headlines to Replace “Advisory”

Published 2023-05-25

National Safe Boating Week through May 26, 2023

Published 2023-05-22

May 7, 2023: Severe Thunderstorms Produce Damaging Winds, Large Hail, Landspouts, Heavy Rain, and Blowing Dust

Published 2023-05-08

April 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-05-02

April 19-20, 2023: Two Rounds of Storms Bring Large Hail and Damaging Winds To the Region

Published 2023-04-21

Student Internship at NWS Chicago - Application Period Open Through April 26

Published 2023-04-18

April 4-5, 2023: Multiple Rounds of Severe Storms Produce a Swath of Significant Hail and Locally Severe Winds

Published 2023-04-05

March 31, 2023: Third Largest Tornado Outbreak on Record in the U.S. Produces 22 Tornadoes in the Local Area

Published 2023-04-01

March 26, 2023: Strong to Severe Storms Produce Hail Near and Along the I-80 Corridor

Published 2023-03-27

March 9-10, 2023: Winter Storm Produces Up To Over 9 Inches of Heavy Wet Snow in Far Northern Illinois

Published 2023-03-10

March 3, 2023: Thundersnow Brings Quick Accumulations and Strong Winds South of I-80

Published 2023-03-04

Winter and February 2022-2023 Climate Summaries

Published 2023-03-02

February 22-23, 2023: Ice Storm Across Portions of Northern Illinois; Heavy Rainfall Farther South

Published 2023-02-24

Summer Student Volunteer Application Period is OPEN

Published 2023-02-06

Student Volunteer Request

January 2023 Climate Summary

Published 2023-02-02

January 28-29, 2023: Heavy Snowfall in Far Northern Illinois; Nighttime Freezing Rain Elsewhere

Published 2023-01-29

Illinois Tollway Recognized as StormReady!

Published 2023-01-26

2022 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2023-01-05

December 2022 Climate Summary

Published 2023-01-05

Fall and November 2022 Climate Summaries

Published 2022-12-02

November 5, 2022: Damaging Winds Sweep across Northern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana

Published 2022-11-06

October 2022 Climate Review

Published 2022-11-01

2022-2023 Virtual Winter Weather Preparedness and Spotter Training Schedule!

Published 2022-10-27

IL-IN Sea Grant Honored as a 2022 Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence!

Published 2022-10-26

The Des Plaines Tornado of May 22, 1855: A Revised Location of a Historic Chicago-Area Tornado

Published 2022-10-21

2022-2023 Winter Outlook

Published 2022-10-20

September 2022 Climate Review

Published 2022-10-01

Climate review for the month of September 2022.

September 11-12, 2022: Heavy Rain Results in Flash Flooding on the North Side of Chicago

Published 2022-09-12

Changes to flood impact categories for Thorn Creek at Thornton effective October 11

Published 2022-09-08

Effective October 11, 2022, flood impact categories for Thorn Creek at Thornton will change.

Changes to flood impact categories for Mazon River near Coal City effective October 11

Published 2022-09-08

Effective October 11, 2022, flood impact categories for the Mazon River near Coal City will change.

August 28, 2022: Thunderstorms Produce Scattered Wind Damage in Northern Illinois

Published 2022-08-31

Changes to flood impact categories for Fox River at Elgin effective September 15

Published 2022-08-15

Effective September 15, 2022, flood impact categories for the Fox River at Elgin will change. Minor, moderate, and major flood stage are being adjusted downward based upon a review of flood impacts tied to the river gauge in Elgin.

July 2022 Climate Review

Published 2022-08-01

July 22-23, 2022: Overnight Storms Produce Hail, Flooding, and Three Tornadoes in the Chicago Metro

Published 2022-07-25

July 4-5, 2022: Multiple Rounds of Storms Produce Damaging Winds and Minor Flooding in Parts of Northern Illinois

Published 2022-07-06

June 2022 Climate Review

Published 2022-07-01

June 13-15, 2022: Early Summer Heat Episode

Published 2022-06-16

June 13, 2022: Supercell Storm Brings a Swath of Severe Wind Damage and Two Tornadoes to the Chicago Metro

Published 2022-06-14

Recap of the June 13, 2022 Supercell that moved through northeast Illinois and the Chicago metro.

It's Beach Hazards and Water Safety Awareness Week!

Published 2022-06-05

Scheduled KLOT Radar Outage Continues this Week

Published 2022-05-05

April 30, 2022: Storms produce short-lived tornadoes in northern Illinois as well as wind damage in Rockford

Published 2022-05-01

March 5-6, 2022: Potent Early Spring Storm System Brings Severe Storms and Strong Winds

Published 2022-03-06

Winter 2021-22 Climate Summary

Published 2022-03-03

February 16-17, 2022: Burst of Heavy Snow Follows Heavy Rain the Night Before

Published 2022-02-18

January 2022 Climate Review

Published 2022-02-04

February 1-3, 2022: Winter Storm Brings Large 10"+ Footprint and Blowing Snow

Published 2022-02-03

January 8, 2022: Widespread Freezing Drizzle Brings Glaze to Most of the Area

Published 2022-01-09

2021 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2022-01-04

December 15-16, 2021: Record Warmth Accompanied by Strong, Damaging Winds

Published 2021-12-16

Change to issuance criteria for River Flood Advisories effective March 1

Published 2021-12-13

Effective March 1, 2022, the criteria for issuing River Flood Advisories within the hydrologic service area of the NWS Chicago office will change. On and after the effective date, River Flood Advisories will only be issued on a situational basis. Presently, they are issued any time water levels are expected to reach Action Stage but remain below Minor Flood Stage.

December 10, 2021: Scattered Severe Winds in the Area & EF-0 Tornado in Lake County, IN

Published 2021-12-11

November and Fall 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-12-03

Thank You to All Weather Spotters - Skywarn Recognition Day 2021

Published 2021-12-03

October 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-11-02

October 24-25, 2021: Autumn System Brings Widespread Heavy Rain, Gusty Winds, Lakeside Flooding

Published 2021-10-26

2021-22 Winter Outlook

Published 2021-10-21

Streator Fire Department Honored as a 2021 Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence!

Published 2021-10-04

September 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-10-01

August 24, 2021: Thunderstorms Produce Wind Damage and Localized Flooding in Northern Illinois

Published 2021-08-25

August 12, 2021: Significant Flash Flooding in and Near Gibson City, IL

Published 2021-08-12

August 9, 2021: 10 Tornadoes and Significant Rainfall for Parts of Northern Illinois

Published 2021-08-10

July 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-08-01

July 29: Overnight Severe Storms Bring Wind Damage to Parts of Northern Illinois

Published 2021-07-29

July 24, 2021: Gusty Thunderstorms Track Across Part of the Area on Saturday

Published 2021-07-25

July 12, 2021: Significant Flash Flooding in and Near Seneca, IL

Published 2021-07-13

4th of July Climate Statistics

Published 2021-07-04

June 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-07-02

Dangerous Conditions at Lake MI Beaches Thursday-Friday: Beach Hazards Awareness

Published 2021-06-30

June 25-26, 2021: Tornadoes and Flash Flooding

Published 2021-06-28

June 11-12, 2021: Localized Severe Weather

Published 2021-06-12

National Safe Boating Week: May 22-May 28

Published 2021-05-24

Recording of NWS Chicago Severe Weather Q&A with Guest Facilitator Dr. Victor Gensini!

Published 2021-03-11

Meteorological Winter 2020-2021 and February 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-03-02

New flood warning services on the North Branch Chicago River at Chicago

Published 2021-03-01

River flood warning services for the North Branch Chicago River at Chicago will begin April 15, 2021. Flood impact categories will also change at that time.

Join us for a Severe Weather Q & A Webinar on Tuesday Evening March 2nd!

Published 2021-02-26

2020-2021 Winter Events and an Active Three Weeks in Perspective

Published 2021-02-18

February 14-16, 2021: Heavy Snowfall in Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana

Published 2021-02-16

Storm Spotter Training Webinar Dates Set. Register Now!

Published 2021-02-03

January 2021 Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2021-02-02

This Week Marks Ten Years Since the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011

Published 2021-02-02

January 19, 2021: Intense Evening Snow Squall Impacts Parts of Chicago Metro

Published 2021-01-21

NWS Chicago Winter 2020-21 Outlook (Including Webinar Recording and PDF)

Published 2020-12-05

Provide Your Feedback about Frost and Freeze Products Issued by the National Weather Service

Published 2020-11-22

November 15, 2020: Windy Autumn Continues with 50+ mph Gusts

Published 2020-11-15

Volunteer River Ice Spotters Needed for Winter 2020-2021

Published 2020-11-13

Volunteer river ice spotters still needed for winter 2020-2021. Observe river ice each Monday to improve awareness of potential ice jam flooding. Contact our office for more information or if you are interested.

October 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-11-01

River forecast services ending for Kankakee River near Kouts, IN

Published 2020-10-23

River forecast services for Kankakee River near Kouts gauge will end effective December 15.

Monitor the Fall Foliage and Share Your Photos With Us!

Published 2020-10-09

September 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-10-02

Grundy County Emergency Management Agency honored as a 2020 Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence!

Published 2020-09-24

Get ready for fall weather hazards by visiting our Fall Safety website!

Published 2020-09-09

30 Years Since the Plainfield F-5 Tornado: Share Your Story

Published 2020-08-20

July 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-08-02

Thunderstorms Bring Morning Wind Damage and Heavy Rain (July 19th)

Published 2020-07-19

Feedback Wanted on Proposed Replacement of Radar Displays

Published 2020-07-16

June Climate Review

Published 2020-07-02

Proposed Change to Simplify NWS Alerts: Survey

Published 2020-06-12

Get Ready for Summer Weather Hazards by Visiting our Summer Safety Website!

Published 2020-05-31

May 23, 2020: Severe Storms Produce Wind Damage and a Few Tornadoes

Published 2020-05-24

National Safe Boating Week Continues through May 22nd

Published 2020-05-19

May 14-15, 2020: Widespread Flash Flooding & Storm Winds Impact the Region

Published 2020-05-15

Spring 2020 Spotter Training Recording (Video)

Published 2020-05-12

Low Temperatures on Saturday May 9th: Widespread Freeze Observed

Published 2020-05-09

Unseasonably Late Freeze Likely Fri. Night May 8th-Sat. AM May 9th

Published 2020-05-06

April 28-30 Heavy Rainfall Event

Published 2020-05-02

April 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-05-02

Soliciting Comments on Proposal to Change Small Craft Advisory to Small Craft Warning through August 31, 2020

Published 2020-04-11

Thunderstorms Produced Large Hail April 7th

Published 2020-04-09

Summary page of the thunderstorms that produced large hail across portions of northern Illinois and northwest Indiana Tuesday April 7th.

March 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-04-02

Volunteer Rain/Snow Observers needed in northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana: Join CoCoRaHS!

Published 2020-03-25

Changes to flood impact categories for Fox River at Montgomery, IL

Published 2020-03-13

Flood impact categories will change for Fox River at Montgomery effective April 15.

Lake Michigan at Near-Record High Water Levels

Published 2020-03-06

NOAA Weather Radio Weekly Test Changed to 10 am CDT Tuesday 3/3 for IL Severe Weather Awareness Week

Published 2020-03-02

Chicago Meteorologist-In-Charge Retirement

Published 2020-02-28

New Dates for Postponed Spotter Classes

Published 2020-02-24

January 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-02-02

Cook County and Will County Forecast Zone Change - March 3rd, 2020

Published 2020-01-30

December 30-31, 2019: Light Snowfall and Strong Winds

Published 2019-12-31

Top 10 Weather Events of the 2010s in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana

Published 2019-12-30

2019 SKYWARN Amateur Radio Recognition Day

Published 2019-12-06

November 10-12, 2019: Another Early Season Snow Followed by Record Cold

Published 2019-11-12

October 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-11-03

October 30-31, 2019: Snowiest Halloween on Record for Some; More Lakeshore Flooding

Published 2019-11-01

Wet and Warm September 2019

Published 2019-10-04

Latest River Forecast Information is available here

Published 2019-09-29

Rainfall Totals for 2 Day Period September 27-29

Published 2019-09-29

Remembering Our Colleague Amy Seeley

Published 2019-08-21

July 2, 2019: Gusty Storms Bring Localized Wind Damage and Flooding

Published 2019-07-03

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 23-29, 2019

Published 2019-06-23

24 hour rainfall ending at 7 am Sunday, June 16th

Published 2019-06-16

24 hour rainfall ending at 7 am Sunday, June 16th

April 27 - May 3, 2019: Multiple Rounds of Precipitation and Flooding

Published 2019-05-02

April 14, 2019: Rare Late Season Heavy Snow

Published 2019-04-15

First 70° Facts

Published 2019-04-08

March 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-04-01

March 2019 River Flooding

Published 2019-03-20

St. Patrick's Day Climate Data for Chicago and Rockford

Published 2019-03-16

St. Patricks Day climate data for Chicago and Rockford

March 14, 2019: Isolated Severe Storms Including a Brief Tornado Near Lowell, IN

Published 2019-03-15

Feb 24, 2019: Strong Wind Gusts of 60+ mph Bring Scattered Damage

Published 2019-02-24

Changes to forecast services for the Rock River effective immediately

Published 2019-02-14

Flood impact categories and forecast issuance stages changed for multiple locations on the Rock River in Illinois effective March 12.

January 2019 Climate Summary

Published 2019-02-01

River Forecast Service for North Branch Chicago River at Chicago (Pulaski Rd) to begin February 7th

Published 2019-01-24

January 18-21, 2019: Widespread Snow Brings 6+ Inches to Some Areas Followed by Lake Effect Snow

Published 2019-01-20

Lake Effect Snow Into Northwest Indiana this Evening Moving Back Into Northeast Illinois Late Tonight

Published 2019-01-17

Meteorological Fall & Nov. 2018: After a Warm Start to Fall, One of the Coldest and Snowiest Novembers

Published 2018-12-02

Thursday's Light Snow Event and Unique Snow Band

Published 2018-11-16

Preparedness Reminders for the Winter Season

Published 2018-11-11

Winter Weather Preparedness Week Link

Snow Intensity and Timing Information for Tonight-Friday Morning

Published 2018-11-08

When is the First Snow on Average?

Published 2018-11-03

October 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-11-01

Very Windy Today

Published 2018-10-28

October 20, 2018: Strong Damaging Winds and Snow/Graupel Squalls

Published 2018-10-21

2018-19 Winter Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

Published 2018-10-19

September 2018 Climate Review: Warm and Wet Across the Area

Published 2018-10-01

September 25, 2018: Scattered Severe Wind Damage

Published 2018-09-26

Weekend Weather: Rain South while Windy with High Waves Along the Lakeshore

Published 2018-09-08

Meteorological Summer and August 2018 Climate Review

Published 2018-09-04

September 3, 2018: Storms Bring Flooding and Isolated Damage

Published 2018-09-04

Labor Day Weekend Heavy Rainfall

Published 2018-09-02

Aug 20, 2018: Weak EF0 Tornado Near Manhattan, IL

Published 2018-08-22

County-based Flash Flood Guidance (FFG) ending September 30

Published 2018-08-22

NWS Collecting Comments on Proposed Simplification of Flood Products

Published 2018-08-22

Weather Observer Needed in Pontiac, IL

Published 2018-08-08

Weather Observer Needed in Pontiac, IL

August 7, 2018: Heavy Rain Across Parts of the Western & Northern Chicago Metro

Published 2018-08-08

June 29-July 1, 2018: Observed Heat Numbers and Records

Published 2018-07-02

June 16-18, 2018: Mid-June Heat Wave

Published 2018-06-19

June 18, 2018: Significant Flash Flooding in Rockford

Published 2018-06-19

June 15, 2018: Heavy Rain & Localized Flash Flooding in North Central Illinois

Published 2018-06-16

Spring and May 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-06-01

May 26-29, 2018: Impressive Early Season Heat Observed

Published 2018-05-31

May 30, 2018: Heavy Rain Event Partially from Alberto's Remnants Lock a Wettest May for Chicago

Published 2018-05-31

Heavy Rain at Times Today; Localized Flooding Possible

Published 2018-05-30

Northerly Island Weather Equipment Currently Inoperable

Published 2018-05-27

Northerly Island Weather Equipment Currently Inoperable

48 Hour Rainfall Ending at 7 am Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Published 2018-05-15

Heavy Rain, Winds and Hail Early This Morning - May 14

Published 2018-05-14

Severe Weather and Heavy Rain Possible Today and Tonight

Published 2018-05-14

May 9th, 2018 Severe Thunderstorms

Published 2018-05-10

Remarkably Cold April 2018: Climate Summary

Published 2018-05-03

May 2, 2018 Severe Event

Published 2018-05-03

April 14-15, 2018: High Winds and Waves, Along With Icing Close Out a Cold First Half of April

Published 2018-04-15

April 8-9, 2018: Late Season Minor Snow

Published 2018-04-09

March 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-04-01

One Year Since the February 28, 2017 Tornado Outbreak

Published 2018-02-28

Latest on the River Flooding

Published 2018-02-22

Multiple Rounds of Heavy Rain Through Tonight Bringing Flooding Potential

Published 2018-02-19

January 23, 2018: Early Morning Burst of Snowfall in Far Northern Chicago Suburbs

Published 2018-01-25

January 24, 2018: Freezing Drizzle Event

Published 2018-01-25

A Look at Winter Through its Midpoint

Published 2018-01-19

December 26, 2017 -January 6, 2018 Impressive Cold Stretch

Published 2018-01-08

January 7, 2018: Widespread Light Freezing Rain Event

Published 2018-01-08

December 29 Snowfall

Published 2017-12-30

Interactive Snowfall Report Map - See Christmas Eve Snow Totals

Published 2017-12-24

Accumulating Snow Sunday, Travel Impacts Probable

Published 2017-12-21

Statistics on the Stormy Weather since May 1

Published 2017-06-25