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2024 Wisconsin Tornado Count: Now 40

Published 2024-07-08

Mid July Climate in the Milwaukee Area

Published 2024-07-03

June 22 and 25 Severe Weather and Flooding in Southern Wisconsin

Published 2024-06-26

Beach Forecast Season Begins, Check Out The Latest Forecast and Safety Information Here!

Published 2024-05-28

Tornadoes on May 26, 2024

Published 2024-05-27

May 21-22 Severe Storms In Southern Wisconsin

Published 2024-05-23

Drought Information for Wisconsin: Updated 5/30

Published 2024-05-23

Racine NOAA Weather Radio Station Out of Service

Published 2024-05-20

May 7th Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Event

Published 2024-05-09

Portage Flood Inundation Maps

Published 2024-04-24

Wisconsin Severe Weather Awareness Week

Published 2024-04-01

February 2024 and Winter 2023-24 Climate Summaries

Published 2024-03-04

Flood Safety Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2024-02-25

NWS Milwaukee Student Volunteer Opportunity

Published 2024-02-23

Tonight's Online Storm Spotter Training has been CANCELLED

Published 2024-02-21

2024 February Severe Weather (Updated 2/15)

Published 2024-02-09

2023 Wisconsin Top Weather Events

Published 2024-01-26

Early January Winter Storms Recap

Published 2024-01-14

Christmas Holiday Stats for Milwaukee and Madison

Published 2023-12-20

2023 NWS Milwaukee Ambassador of Excellence: Heather Cramer-Hustisford School District

Published 2023-11-28

New River Observation and Forecast Website

Published 2023-11-17

Lone Rock Observation Missing

Published 2023-11-11

The Lone Rock, WI observation is missing due to a communication line outage.

November 13-17th is Winter Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2023-11-06

Preliminary 4-Day Rainfall Totals Wed-Sat

Published 2023-10-15

Estimated Rainfall totals for southern Wisconsin valid Wednesday afternoon, October 11 through Saturday afternoon, October 14, 2023. Many locations received around 2 inches, with several over 3 inches.

2023 Wisconsin Tornado Count: 21

Published 2023-10-03

4-Day Rainfall Totals

Published 2023-09-28

Estimated Rainfall totals for southern Wisconsin valid Sun night through Thursday morning. Many locations received around 2 inches, with several over 4 inches.

July 28th Severe Storms

Published 2023-07-29

Safe Boating Resources, Know Before You Go!

Published 2023-05-23

Forecast resources for when you are out on the lake and some tips to stay safe.

UW-Whitewater is a StormReady University!

Published 2023-05-04

New River Forecast Service For Reedsburg

Published 2023-04-12

NOAA Weather Radio Weekly Test Today at Noon

Published 2023-04-07

March 25th, 2023 Heavy Snow Event

Published 2023-03-25

Today is the Wisconsin Statewide Tornado Drill

Published 2023-03-24

March 9-10 Winter Storm Summary

Published 2023-03-11

Next Storm Spotter Training: Tuesday, May 9th - East Troy-1pm, Walworth-6pm (Walworth County)

Published 2023-02-18

Ozaukee County is StormReady!

Published 2023-02-02

The Top Wisconsin Weather Events of 2022

Published 2023-01-09

2022 Final Wisconsin Tornado Count: 28

Published 2023-01-03

Mineral Point, WI Observation Out Of Service Until Further Notice

Published 2022-12-18

Mineral Point, WI AWOS observation is out of service until further notice.

This Week is Winter Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin!

Published 2022-11-09

October 12, 2022 Severe Storms Across Southeast Wisconsin

Published 2022-10-13

Wind Damage from Sunday, September 25th Thunderstorms

Published 2022-09-26

September 10-11, 2022 Heavy Rain and Flooding

Published 2022-09-12

Great Lakes Beach Hazards - Know Before You Go!

Published 2022-08-31

Safely enjoy the Great Lakes

Back to School With NOAA

Published 2022-08-25

NOAA Weather Radio Weekly Test Postponed

Published 2022-08-03

Multiple Rounds of Severe Weather July 23-24, 2022

Published 2022-07-25

June 13, 2022 Southern Wisconsin Supercell

Published 2022-06-17

Hail Storm in Oconomowoc Area Friday, June 10th

Published 2022-06-11

Volunteers Needed! Milwaukee Urban Heat Island research project

Published 2022-06-08

Storm Summary of Beloit Tornado on May 25, 2022

Published 2022-05-26

NWS Milwaukee Storm Summary of Beloit Tornado on May 25, 2022

New Short Term Probabilistic River Forecast Guidance

Published 2022-04-22

April 4-8th is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2022-03-29

KMKX Radar Outage through April 8th

Published 2022-03-28

Remembering the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011

Published 2022-02-04

December 15-16 Strong Wind Event

Published 2021-12-16

Skywarn Recognition Day 2021

Published 2021-12-03

Hazard Simplification - Flood Watches and Advisories

Published 2021-11-15

November 15-19 is Winter Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2021-11-14

Milwaukee And Madison Climate Summaries For October 2021

Published 2021-11-01

National Weather Service Radar Down for Maintenance This Morning

Published 2021-10-14

September 2021 Climate Summaries For Milwaukee And Madison

Published 2021-10-01

Summary of large hail on Sept. 7th 2021

Published 2021-09-07

Large hail impacted central and southern Wisconsin on Tuesday Sept. 7th, 2021. This is a summary of the event with pictures of the hail that occurred.

Summary of Active Period of Severe Weather During Early August

Published 2021-08-29

A summary of the active stretch of severe weather in August across southern Wisconsin.

Thunderstorms Caused Damaging Winds and Tornadoes Last Wednesday Night -Updated 8/2 930 PM

Published 2021-07-29

Milwaukee NOAA Weather Radio Station Down Due to Maintenance

Published 2021-07-26

Flood Level Changes and New Forecast Service for Black Earth

Published 2021-07-09

Today is Heat Awareness Day in Wisconsin

Published 2021-06-02

Pewaukee School District is StormReady!

Published 2021-05-25

2021 Lake Michigan Beach Forecast Services - Will You be Safe Swimming at Lake Michigan Beaches this Year?

Published 2021-05-22

NWS Milwaukee Storm Spotter Training 2021 Recordings

Published 2021-05-05

TODAY at 1PM! The LAST NWS Milwaukee Online Storm Spotter Training for 2021

Published 2021-02-27

Southern Wisconsin Spring Flood Outlook -Updated March 11

Published 2021-02-24

February 15-16th 2021 Lake Effect Snow

Published 2021-02-17

Ten Years Ago... Groundhog Day Blizzard

Published 2021-02-02

January 26th Winter Storm

Published 2021-01-28

1/21/22 Update: Wisconsin 2021 Tornado Count up to 41

Published 2021-01-21

New Climate Page for Southern Wisconsin

Published 2021-01-15

The Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events of 2020

Published 2021-01-03

2020 Climate Stats for Madison, Wisconsin

Published 2021-01-02

2020 Climate Stats for Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Published 2021-01-02

A Snowstorm to Close Out the Year: Dec 29 - 30

Published 2020-12-30

Winter Solstice Occurs Monday, December 21st at 4:02 AM

Published 2020-12-21

New NWS Radar Display Page is NOW live!

Published 2020-12-16

The NWS has developed and implemented a new interactive webpage for viewing radar data and imagery. You can look at a national scale view or zoom down and select a radar close to you.

NWS is exploring changes to Frost/Freeze events. Take the survey to tell us what you think!

Published 2020-11-16

Wind Damage Across Southeast Wisconsin on Tuesday, November 10th

Published 2020-11-11

November 9th to 13th is Winter Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2020-11-05

NWS Milwaukee Doppler Radar Returns to Service

Published 2020-10-22

August 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-09-08

NWS Educational Resources

Published 2020-09-08

The National Weather Service has put a list of different educational weather resources that you can do at home! Check out the links and descriptions to find which site works best for you.

Tornado and Wind Damage Across Far Southern Wisconsin on Monday, August 10th (Updated 2 PM 8/12)

Published 2020-08-11

Event Summary: Milwaukee County and SE Wisconsin Flooding

Published 2020-08-04

Routine Weekly Test Postponed until Thursday July 16, 2020

Published 2020-07-15

Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport (Janesville) and Sheboygan County Memorial Airports are New TAF Sites

Published 2020-06-25

Madison NOAA Weather Radio WXJ-87 Under Maintenance Today

Published 2020-06-17

Cristobal - The First of its Kind in Wisconsin

Published 2020-06-14

Update on 5/23/20 Severe Weather: No Tornadoes

Published 2020-05-28

Storm Summary: May 16 through May 18 Heavy Rain and Flooding

Published 2020-05-18

This is National Safe Boating Week - Do You Know the Proper Rules to Follow when Boating?

Published 2020-05-17

Monitoring the Weather: NWS Milwaukee School Video (3rd-6th Graders)

Published 2020-05-07

Today is NOAA Weather Radio Day in Wisconsin!

Published 2020-05-06

This is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2020-04-08

Soliciting Comments on Proposal to Change Small Craft Advisory to Small Craft Warning through May 24, 2020

Published 2020-03-30

2010-2019 Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events

Published 2020-01-06

2020 Wisconsin Tornado End of Year Update

Published 2020-01-05

2019 Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events

Published 2020-01-02

Madison 2019 Annual Climate Report

Published 2020-01-02

Milwaukee 2019 Annual Climate Report

Published 2020-01-02

Cedarburg Flood Inundation Mapping

Published 2019-12-16

Cedarburg Cedar Creek Milwaukee River Flood Inundation Mapping

Germantown WWTP Receives 50 Year Length of Service Award for Taking Volunteer Weather Observations

Published 2019-12-03

Fall 2019 Record Cold and Snow Across Southern Wisconsin

Published 2019-11-13

This is Winter Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2019-11-01

Peak Wind Gusts Since 9 AM (updated at 3 pm)

Published 2019-10-21

The PNS of Peak Winds Gusts

An Abrupt Change in the Weather is Coming. Are You Ready? (Updated 6 am 10/9)

Published 2019-10-06

Storm Summary: Oct. 1 through Oct. 2 Flooding and Severe Weather

Published 2019-10-03

Damage Survey to Be Conducted on Thursday

Published 2019-10-02

Heavy Rain and Flooding this Week

Published 2019-09-13

NWS Website Intermittent Issues (3 pm Thu)

Published 2019-09-12

Monday Night Rainfall Totals (Updated 12pm)

Published 2019-09-10

Experimental Modernized Forecasts for Marine Users

Published 2019-09-03

Milwaukee Lakeshore Observation Experiencing Intermittent Outages

Published 2019-09-03

NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan Radar Has Been Returned to Service as of 2 PM Wednesday

Published 2019-08-26

KMKX Radar will be out beginning Tuesday (8/27)

2019 Wisconsin Tornado Count now at 28 (Updated 10/4/19)

Published 2019-08-10

Event Summary: August 7th Wind Damage

Published 2019-08-08

Madison's July Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2019-08-01

Milwaukee's July Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2019-08-01

Milwaukee Set a New Daily Rainfall Record Yesterday

Published 2019-07-21

Storms Produced Damaging Winds on Tuesday, July 2nd

Published 2019-07-03

Madison June Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2019-07-02

Milwaukee June Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2019-07-02

Two Rounds Of Severe Weather, Sunday, June 30, 2019

Published 2019-07-01

Severe Thunderstorm Summary 27th June 2019

Published 2019-06-28

Doppler radar (KMKX) is down for maintenance

Published 2019-06-13

Doppler radar(KMKX)is down for maintenance.

Madison May Monthly Climate Summary - 14th Wettest

Published 2019-06-03

Milwaukee May Monthly Climate Summary - 11th Wettest

Published 2019-06-03

Wisconsin Entering Peak Severe Weather Season

Published 2019-05-23

Madison April Climate Summary

Published 2019-05-02

Milwaukee April Climate Summary

Published 2019-05-02

Madison Sets a Record Low Temperature this Morning

Published 2019-04-28

Main Reason Southern Wisconsin Received Less Snow on Saturday

Published 2019-04-28

Wisconsin Statewide Tornado Drill is ON for Today

Published 2019-04-10

This Week is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week!

Published 2019-04-03

March Climate Summary for Madison

Published 2019-04-01

March Climate Summary for Milwaukee

Published 2019-04-01

Madison Winter Seasonal Climate Summary

Published 2019-03-02

Milwaukee Winter Seasonal Climate Summary

Published 2019-03-02

Madison February 2019 Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2019-03-01

Milwaukee February 2019 Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2019-03-01

Milwaukee NOAA Weather Radio Temporarily Down

Published 2019-02-14

Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events of 2018

Published 2019-01-31

Snow Expected Friday Night Into Saturday, Then Cold

Published 2019-01-16

Historical Chances for a White Christmas

Published 2018-12-18

Madison Fall Climate Summary

Published 2018-12-03

Milwaukee Fall Climate Summary

Published 2018-12-03

Today is Skywarn Recognition Day!

Published 2018-12-01

NOAA Listening Session: Monday, November 26 2:30-4pm in Madison

Published 2018-11-19

Potential Range Of Snowfall Friday Night Into Saturday

Published 2018-11-16

Winter Weather Awareness Week is This Week in Wisconsin!

Published 2018-11-04

2018-2019 Winter Outlook

Published 2018-10-18

Weekly NOAA Weather Radio Test Postponed

Published 2018-10-03

The NWR weekly test postponed due to the potential for severe thunderstorms later today.

Latest Wisconsin Fall Color Conditions

Published 2018-09-22

Major River Flooding - River Level Updates (4 PM 9/8)

Published 2018-09-07

Damaging Winds, Tornadoes and Flooding on Tuesday 8/28/18

Published 2018-09-06

Last Week's Flooding and Severe Weather (Aug 17-27)

Published 2018-08-27

Heavy Rain, Dane County Flooding and the Delavan EF-0 Tornado

Published 2018-08-21

Deerfield Wisconsin EF-0 Tornado of 8/9/2018

Published 2018-08-10

Transfer of Lake Michigan Open Lake Forecast Responsibility - Delayed Until Wednesday 9/19

Published 2018-08-04

July Climate Summary

Published 2018-08-01

Iowa County is StormReady!

Published 2018-07-24

NWS at the EAA AirVenture this Week in Oshkosh, WI

Published 2018-07-24

Severe Thunderstorms July 13, 2018

Published 2018-07-14

Confirmed Tornadoes - Near Rewey and Argyle - Lafayette County

Published 2018-06-27

It is Lightning Safety Awareness Week

Published 2018-06-26

Need a storm spotter training refresher? Check out these videos from our 2018 training.

Published 2018-06-22

Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms in Southeast Wisconsin

Published 2018-06-20

June 16th Tornado near Poynette

Published 2018-06-17

Heavy Rainfall Produced Flooding in and around Madison Friday Night

Published 2018-06-16

Video Weather Briefing Into This Weekend

Published 2018-06-08

New Record High Temperature for the Month of May for Milwaukee

Published 2018-05-27

New monthly record high temperature for May in Milwaukee

EF0 Tornado Near Richfield, Wisconsin (Updated 4 PM 5/10)

Published 2018-05-10

Flood Inundation Mapping for Fox River in Southeast WI Now Available

Published 2018-05-05

A service called Flood Inundation Mapping is now available for 3 locations on the Fox River in Waukesha, Racine, and Kenosha Counties in southeast Wisconsin. River forecasts will also now be issued for Waukesha, in addition to the other two locations.

Early May Heavy Rain and Wind Driven Hail Recap

Published 2018-05-04

April 2018 Climate Summary

Published 2018-05-02

April 2018 Climate Summary

April 18th Winter Storm (Updated 1:45 PM 4/19)

Published 2018-04-19

Video Update For Moderate To Heavy Snow Into Tonight (Updated 2:20 PM 4/18)

Published 2018-04-18

Fond du Lac NWR Transmitter Out of Service

Published 2018-04-14

This is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

Published 2018-04-09

Reedsburg is StormReady!

Published 2018-03-24

Spring Began Today

Published 2018-03-19

Recap of February 9th Snow Event Across Southern Wisconsin

Published 2018-02-09

February 5th Snowfall (Updated 2/6 @ 10 AM)

Published 2018-02-06

Very Cold Temperatures and Wind Chills This Morning (Updated 2/2 @ 4 AM)

Published 2018-02-01

Sauk County is StormReady!

Published 2018-01-31

Event Summary: January 23 Localized Heavy Snow

Published 2018-01-23

January 15 Lake Enhanced/Effect Snow Recap

Published 2018-01-16

Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events of 2017

Published 2018-01-13

Wheatland Tornado 10 Year Anniversary (Walworth & Kenosha Counties)

Published 2018-01-07

Take our Survey on the Hazard Simplification proposal for Marine Products

Published 2017-12-25

Light Snow Showers Diminishing by Mid Morning (Updated @ 5 am 12/25)

Published 2017-12-25

Maintenance On Weather Radio Communication Lines - Outage From 8-10 am

Published 2017-12-21

First Accumulating Snow Of The Season Wrap Up

Published 2017-12-07

July 2017 Climate Summaries for Milwaukee and Madison

Published 2017-08-01

July 2017 Climate Summaries for Milwaukee and Madison

Great Lakes Region Spring Climate Impacts

Published 2017-06-26

Severe Storms Possible this Afternoon and Evening (Updated 6/28 @ 1 pm)

Published 2017-06-26

Information about August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Published 2017-06-23