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Weather Observation At NWS Milwaukee/Sullivan:  




This observation is sent to our web servers every 10 minutes.  Refresh your browser to ensure the latest observation is displayed (we are unable to set this page up to autorefresh.)

Our office is located in far eastern Jefferson County, 3 miles southeast of the village of Sullivan, and the observation is taken outside the office with standard instrumentation (click the image below for a larger version). Temperature and humidity are measured 2 meters above a grassy surface (using Campbell Scientific sensors), and wind at the top of a 10-meter tower (using a sensor by R.M. Young.) Rainfall is measured by a "tipping-bucket" gauge (Texas Electronics) that does not need to be emptied periodically. The 15-minute and 1-hour rainfall totals are running totals up to the time of the observation.

We use LoggerNet, by Campbell Scientific, to capture all of the data.  This data is displayed on a monitor in the office.  We then use a program called Snagit to do a screen capture of the observation display.  This captured image is then RSYNC'd to our web servers in Kansas City, MO. 


Overhead view of NWS MKX

Live tower camera view