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Heavy Rain Leads to Record Flooding - June 20-22, 2024

Published 2024-06-25

Widespread heavy rain moved through the Tri-State area, producing widespread record flooding and catastrophic damage.

River Flood Resource Page

Published 2024-06-02

River flooding continues to slowly recede, though some areas are still very sensitive to periods of heavy rainfall.

Severe Weather, Heavy Rain Impact the Area - May 21, 2024

Published 2024-05-22

A long duration storm system brought large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rainfall to the region between the afternoon hours on 5/20 to 5/21. This event also featured a strong wake low on the morning of 5/21 which brought powerful winds in excess of 50-60+ mph to parts of southeast South Dakota. There was one tornado reported in Buena Vista county on the afternoon of May 21.

Summer Weather Resource Page

Published 2024-04-24

Brief Tornadoes and Widespread Rainfall across the Region - April 16, 2024

Published 2024-04-18

Near Critical to Critical Fire Danger Expected This Afternoon and Evening

Published 2024-04-15

South Dakota and Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week April 8-12, 2024

Published 2024-04-03

March 24-26, 2024 Early Spring Winter Storm

Published 2024-03-26

Iowa and Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness Week: March 25-29, 2024

Published 2024-03-15

Widespread Heavy Snow Impacts the Region - January 8-9, 2024

Published 2024-01-17

James and Vermillion River Flood Category Changes

Published 2023-11-02

Public notice for flood severity category changes on the James and Vermillion Rivers

Widespread Beneficial Rain Totals October 12-14, 2023

Published 2023-10-13

A broad, slow moving autumn low pressure system brought widespread moderate to heavy rainfall to the region. 40 to 55 mph wind gusts were reported at times. Preexisting dry conditions largely prevented any flooding issues with this rainfall and instead was beneficial to the region, providing relief from the existing drought conditions.

Latest Drought Conditions

Published 2023-10-03

Flooding and Severe Weather - Southeastern SD and Northwestern IA - Aug. 5-6, 2023

Published 2023-08-08

Supercell thunderstorms bring very large hail - July 13, 2023

Published 2023-07-15

Wildfire smoke continues to lead to poor air quality. Find current air quality info here.

Published 2023-07-15

A Severe Squall Line Brings Damaging Winds to the Area - July 12, 2023

Published 2023-07-12

A squall line with damaging winds moved across southeastern South Dakota and northeastern Nebraska into northwestern Iowa during the early morning of July 12. Wind gusts up to 75 mph downed trees and did damage to some power lines.

The 25th Anniversary of the Spencer, SD F4 Tornado - May 30, 1998

Published 2023-05-16

Flooding Resource Page

Published 2023-05-13

Heavy rain is possible today which could lead to localized flooding.

March 9th, 2023 - Final Spring Flood Outlook Released

Published 2023-03-09

Share Your Snow and Rain Measurements- Join CoCoRaHS!

Published 2023-03-04

If you enjoy measuring snowfall and rainfall, we need you to join CoCoRaHS and report your observations to their volunteer observer network which shares their data with many local, state, and national organizations, including the National Weather Service.

February 21-23, 2023 - Significant Blizzard with Heavy Snow

Published 2023-02-23

A significant blizzard impacted the region bringing over a foot of snow and up to 40 mph winds to many locations.

Heavy Snow Across the MO River Valley into northwestern IA

Published 2023-01-29

Heavy Snow Across the Tri-State Area - January 18-19, 2023

Published 2023-01-19

January 2-4, 2023 Heavy Snow and Mixed Precipitation

Published 2023-01-04

December 29: Banded Snow and Mixed Precipitation Event

Published 2022-12-30

December 21-23 Ground Blizzard and Dangerous Cold

Published 2022-12-25

A significant winter storm brought accumulating snow followed by gusty winds and dangerous wind chills.

Prolonged Winter Storm Brings Ice, Snow, and Wind - December 12-16, 2022

Published 2022-12-16

Watch Now! The 2022 Winter Weather Awareness Class

Published 2022-12-13

Sign up now! The 2022-2023 winter weather awareness classes will be taking place. Learn more about winter in the Northern Plains and how you can stay safe.

The 2022-2023 NOAA Winter Season Outlook

Published 2022-10-21

5 July 2022 Derecho

Published 2022-07-07

Memorial Day Weekend Severe Thunderstorms Summary

Published 2022-05-31

Multiple rounds of severe weather impacted the region through the Memorial Day weekend bringing widespread wind damage, large hail, and even a few tornadoes.

Flat Owlie visits FSD

Published 2022-05-27

April 22-23, 2022: Multiple Rounds of Hail Storms, followed by Very High Winds

Published 2022-04-24

IMPORTANT Spotter Training Update: Sioux City, IA Class Rescheduled to Thursday, May 5th @ 7pm

Published 2022-04-11

Mixed Precipitation and Thunder Across the Area, Heavy Snow for Some in SD

Published 2022-03-06

January 14th Winter Storm Summary

Published 2022-01-15

A mid January Alberta Clipper brought moderate to heavy snowfall to locations east of I-29. Meanwhile locations near and west of I-29 initially received a wintry mix and lighter snowfall totals. Increasing winds into the evening hours resulted in some patchy blowing and drifting snow across the region.

New Years Day Climate Statistics for Sioux City

Published 2021-12-31

New Years Day Climate Statistics for Sioux Falls

Published 2021-12-31

Historic December Severe Weather Outbreak Brings Damaging Winds and Tornadoes to Northwest Iowa

Published 2021-12-16

December 10, 2021 - Widespread Snow Across the Region

Published 2021-12-11

Recent Rains in Past Few Weeks Decreased Drought Severity Across Much of Northern Plains in Past Month

Published 2021-09-25

Beneficial rainfall from showers and thunderstorms in the past few weeks have allowed drought conditions across much of the Northern Plains to improve. Take a look at the comparison between Sep 21, 2021 and Aug 24, 2021.

Damaging Winds Move Across SE South Dakota, SW Minnesota, and NW Iowa on September 16th

Published 2021-09-18

Severe Storms and Flooding on August 30th

Published 2021-09-01

Scattered thunderstorms developed by late afternoon across southeast South Dakota and slowly moved eastward into the evening hours. Some of the stronger storms produced hail up to the size of golf balls. By late evening, an additional round of storms began to develop and prompted several warnings for damaging winds, large hail and flash flooding into the overnight hours.

Severe Weather, Flooding on August 28, 2021

Published 2021-08-29

Multiple Funnel Clouds and Brief Tornado Across NW IA and SW MN Sunday August 8, 2021

Published 2021-08-09

A lone storm cluster moved southeast through far southwest Minnesota and into northwest Iowa Sunday afternoon and evening August 8th 2021. Along its path, multiple reports of rotating wall clouds and funnel clouds were received. Additionally, at least a couple of brief tornadoes occurred in the Sioux Falls and Des Moines NWS coverage areas.

Large Hail, Strong Winds Impact Part of the Region on Thursday Aug 5th, 2021

Published 2021-08-07

Thunderstorms developed across southwestern MN during the afternoon, continuing through the night across southeastern SD, and northwestern IA. These storms became severe, producing large hail (up to 3.5 inches) and damaging wind gusts.

Remembering the August 10, 2020 Derecho

Published 2021-08-04

Severe Thunderstorm Warning "Destructive" Tags and Wireless Emergency Alert Activation

Published 2021-07-23

Severe Thunderstorms Produced Damaging Wind Early Friday Morning

Published 2021-06-12

March 14th - 15th Winter Storm

Published 2021-03-15

Rain, Thunder, and Snow End Extended Warm Spell - March 10, 2021

Published 2021-03-11

A long stretch of above normal temperatures abruptly came to an end as shower and thunderstorms turned into snow on March 10th.

Snow Band North of Interstate 90 - February 27-28, 2021

Published 2021-03-01

Widespread snow fell across the region on February 27 and 28, 2021. While most of the areas saw light snow, areas between Mitchell, SD and Marshall, MN experienced as much as 4 to 7 inches of snow.

Mid-February 2021 Record Cold

Published 2021-02-16

January 14-15, 2021 Blizzard Summary

Published 2021-01-16

A strong winter storm brought high winds and rain then snow to much of the region. This led to blizzard conditions over parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa on January 14th and 15th, 2021.

Widespread Snow Falls Across the Region - December 29, 2020

Published 2020-12-30

Snow moved across the area on December 29, 2020 bringing accumulations between 2 and 6" to most locations.

December 23, 2020 Blizzard Summary

Published 2020-12-24

An arctic front blasted through the region, bringing snow and high winds. The combination of elements led to blizzard conditions over a large area of the region.

National Weather Service NEW Radar Web Display

Published 2020-12-17

Winter Storm Event Summary - Snow and Ice on November 10, 2020

Published 2020-11-11

A fast-moving winter storm brought ice and heavy snow to portions of the region on Tuesday November 10th, 2020.

Strong Winds and 2 Brief Tornadoes Move Through the Highway 14 Corridor - August 28, 2020

Published 2020-08-28

Strong to severe thunderstorms formed during the evening hours over western and central South Dakota, before congealing into a line and moving east into the overnight hours. This line of storms brought damaging winds to areas north of I-90, particularly along the Highway 14 corridor, in eastern South Dakota and southwest Minnesota. Some wind gusts as high as around 80 mph were observed.

Morning Severe Storms Produce Winds, Large Hail - August 10, 2020

Published 2020-08-11

Nighttime Bow Echo Moves Across Southeast South Dakota - August 8-9, 2020

Published 2020-08-09

A bowing line of storms developed in north central Nebraska and south central South Dakota late Saturday evening, pushing across much of southeast South Dakota before weakening. Widespread reports of 55 to 70 mph winds were received, with the highest wind reports focused near the I-90 corridor between Chamberlain and Alexandria, SD.

July 6-7, 2020 Severe Thunderstorm Summary

Published 2020-07-07

Severe Storms Bring High Winds and Heavy Rain - June 25. 2020

Published 2020-06-26

A complex of storms brought wind, hail and locally heavy rain to portions of the area during the evening of June 26, 2020.

Father's Day Storms across Northwest Iowa and Nearby Areas - June 21, 2020

Published 2020-06-22

Severe storms moved across northwest Iowa, and nearby areas of northeast Nebraska, far southeast South Dakota, and southwest Minnesota on Father's Day 2020, Sunday, June 21st. Early storms produced up to 1 inch hail in the lower Missouri River Valley around Sioux City. By mid-late afternoon, storms were largely wind producers, with a swath of wind gusts up to 60-65 mph across far northwest Iowa.

Hail Storms Across South-Central South Dakota on Summer Solstice 2020

Published 2020-06-21

A series of strong to severe storms developed and tracked southeast through south central South Dakota on the evening of the Summer Solstice, June 20, 2020. These storms produced repeated rounds of large hail which moved through the Missouri River Valley, with isolated damaging wind gusts as well.

Mulitple Rounds of Severe Weather and Heavy Rain - June 8-9, 2020

Published 2020-06-11

NWR Broadcast Off The Air in Russell, MN

Published 2020-05-29

The NOAA Weather Radio transmitter in Russell, MN (serving the Marshall area) is currently off the air. Technicians are troubleshooting the problem and unfortunately do not have a restoration time. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we look into the matter.

Easter Storm Brings Snow & Wind Across the Region

Published 2020-04-13

Easter Sunday 2020 was more reminiscent of Christmas, as a broad area of snow moved across the region. Embedded heavier bands produced 7-10 inches of snow in some areas, while most locations saw snowfall from 2-6 inches. The snow was accompanied by northerly winds gusting to 30 to 40 mph at times, and while the snow was wet and heavy, the winds did produce areas of blowing and drifting snow.

Hydrologic Outlook for February 27, 2020

Published 2020-02-27

This is the flood outlook issued for February 27, 2020. This outlook will be updated on March 12.

Snow Band in northern Nebraska and northwest Iowa - February 19. 2020

Published 2020-02-20

Band of Heavy Snow Across East Central South Dakota Into Southwest Minnesota

Published 2020-02-09

An intense narrow band of heavy snow developed over east central SD into southwest MN Saturday night into early Sunday morning. The highest reports within the band of heavy snow were 10 to 12 inches along highway 14, while totals closer to I-90 in SD were a half an inch to 2 inches and 2 to 5 inches along I-90 in southwest MN. A few locations reported as much as 2 inches per hour for a brief time.

Winter Storm Brings Blizzard Conditions to the Region - January 17-18, 2020

Published 2020-01-19

A strong winter storm brought heavy snow and high winds to the area. Blizzard conditions resulted in impossible travel at times.

January 12, 2020 Snowfall

Published 2020-01-13

2019: Another Record Wet Year

Published 2020-01-01

Weekend Winter Storm Created Hazardous Post-Holiday Travel Conditions

Published 2019-12-31

NWR Broadcast Off Air in Russell, MN

Published 2019-12-06

The NOAA weather radio that covers parts of southwest Minnesota is currently off the air.

Rainfall totals from October 1-2, 2019

Published 2019-10-02

Rain fell across the region to start the month of October. The heaviest rainfall was from far southeastern South Dakota into northwestern Iowa where up to 4 inches of rain fell in 48 hours.

Heavy Rainfall and Flooding September 11-12, 2019

Published 2019-09-19

Preliminary Storm Reports from September 10-11, 2019

Published 2019-09-11

August 17th Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

Published 2019-08-19

Severe thunderstorms brought large hail, and a bow echo with damaging winds and embedded tornadoes, to the area on the evening of the 17th.

Severe Storms Produce Significant Damage in Burke, SD - August 6, 2019

Published 2019-08-07

Severe storms produced significant damage across portions of central and south central South Dakota and Nebraska during the evening of August 6th. Storms produced hail over 3" in diameter along with a tornado in Burke, SD.

July 20, 2019 Severe Thunderstorms Summary

Published 2019-07-20

A cluster of thunderstorms evolved into a line and moved across southeastern South Dakota and into southwestern Minnesota & northwestern Iowa Saturday morning. While there was some small hail, damaging straight line winds were the main concern with these storms.

July 18, 2019 Crooks, SD Tornado Summary

Published 2019-07-19

A line of scattered thunderstorms rapidly developed along and north of Interstate 90 in the late afternoon and early evening of July 18th. A thunderstorm near Crooks, SD quickly became tornadic. A brief EF-0 tornado damaged the roof of a barn approximately 5 miles west of Crooks, SD. Maximum winds were estimated to be 75 mph. There were no reported injuries or deaths.

July 17th Severe Thunderstorm Summary

Published 2019-07-17

Starting early on Wednesday July 17th, 2019 a line of severe thunderstorms moved across southeast South Dakota and into northwest Iowa. While most of the damage that occurred was the result of severe straight line winds, a short-lived EF-1 tornado did occur 1 mile north of Tripp, SD that damaged three farmsteads.

July 1st, 2019 - Heavy Rainfall

Published 2019-07-02

Scattered thunderstorms developed over the reigon during the afternoon and evening of July 1st, producing heavy rainfall and isolated hail. Hours later, a line of thunderstorms developed along and east of a line from Yankton to Hartford, SD, before slowly moving southeast into northwest Iowa. These storms produced total rainfall amounts as high as 4 to almost 5 inches

Tornado in Gregory County, SD - June 30, 2019

Published 2019-07-02

Isolated rotating storms developed along a front in south central South Dakota in the afternoon of Sunday, June 30, 2019. These storms produced 1 confirmed tornado in northern Gregory County, as well as up to golf ball size hail. Additional storms produced large hail and wind damage in parts of southwest Minnesota and southeast South Dakota.

Severe Storms and Flash Flooding - Morning of June 27, 2019

Published 2019-06-28

A thunderstorm complex moved across the region during the early to mid morning hours on June 27, 2019. Isolated severe storms within the complex produced large hail and damaging winds, with heavy rain and localized flash flooding also reported.

April 10-12th, 2019 Blizzard and Ice Storm

Published 2019-04-12

A significant late winter/early spring winter storm impacted the region bringing high snowfall totals, blizzard conditions, ice accumulations and even thunderstorms

Widespread Rain and Snow - March 9, 2019

Published 2019-03-10

Widespread rain and snow impacted the region on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Urban flooding was reported in various communities due to storm drains blocked by snow.

Observation Data for Orange City Airport (KORC) no longer available

Published 2019-03-01

As of February 28, 2019, surface observations for the Orange City area will no longer come from the Orange City Municipal Airport (KORC). The airport itself has been replaced by a new Sioux County Regional Airport (KSXK), located just north of Maurice, Iowa. Data for the new airport should begin flowing the week of March 4th.

Widespread Snow - February 19th - 20th, 2019

Published 2019-02-20

Snow brings widespread 4 to 9+ inches of snow across the region.

Strong Arctic Front and Extreme Cold January 28-31, 2019

Published 2019-02-01

A strong arctic front Sunday night into early Monday was ushered in by very strong wind, at times over 60 mph. Behind the front, the stage was set for an invasion of arctic air and a prolonged period of below zero temperatures and dangerous wind chills.

Heavy Snow Band north of I-90 - January 18, 2019

Published 2019-01-20

A band of heavy snow developed just north of Interstate 90 during the morning of Friday, January 18, 2019. The axis of heaviest snow, with reports of 10 to 15 inches, was along the SD Hwy 34/MN Hwy 30 corridor from around Madison, SD, east toward Windom, MN. Despite not being within the heaviest snow band, new daily snowfall records were set at both Sioux Falls and Huron, South Dakota.

Post-Christmas Winter Storm Summary (December 26-28th)

Published 2018-12-28

A winter storm brought heavy snow, strong winds, and even some flooding to the region in the days following Christmas.

December 1st Winter Storm Summary

Published 2018-12-03

Summary of the Friday November 30 - Sunday December 2nd Winter Storm for southeast South Dakota, southwest Minnesota, and northwest Iowa.

Early Season Snow and Record Cold - October 14, 2018

Published 2018-10-15

A relatively narrow band of early season snow stretched across the region on the morning of October 14, 2018. Amounts of 3 to 5 inches were common within the band, with isolated higher totals. Widespread record cold highs followed the snow.

***Latest Information on Ongoing River Flooding***

Published 2018-09-19

Heavy rainfall will produce a quick onset of flooding across most of the region into the upcoming weekend. Here's the latest information to keep you safe.

Thunderstorms and Localized Damaging Winds Friday Evening

Published 2018-06-02

Localized areas of damaging winds were reported with a line of thunderstorms Friday evening, along with reduced visibility from blowing dust. Strong winds were also observed behind the line of storms as a wake low developed.

Notice the strong winds last night? Blame the wake low!

Published 2018-05-11

A wake low moved along the Nebraska and South Dakota border into west central Iowa. As the wake low approached wind gusts increased to 35 to 55 mph.

Hail and a tornado impact the area the evening of May 8, 2018

Published 2018-05-09

This is a summary of the storms that impacted the region on May 8 including the EF-0 tornado that touched down northwest of Vilas, South Dakota.

More Widespread Snow Across the Region

Published 2018-04-23

Winter Weather Awareness Day in South Dakota

Published 2018-04-18

Wednesday is Winter Weather Awareness Day in South Dakota. Are you prepared?

April 8th Snowfall

Published 2018-04-09

Yet another early spring storm system brought widespread accumulating snow to the region Sunday. The snow came just a day or two after record breaking high and low temperatures occurred. Winds were also gusty, leading to areas of reduced visibility.

Late Season Snow and Record Cold - April 2-4, 2018

Published 2018-04-05

A broad area of 2 to 5 inches of snow moved across the area April 2-3, with an embedded heavier band of 5 to 8 inches that affected parts of extreme southeast South Dakota and northwest Iowa. This was followed by record cold lows on April 4th.

Heavy Snow and Rain March 24th, 2018

Published 2018-03-24

Strong Late Winter Storm Produced Rain, Snow and Wind Across the Region

Published 2018-03-06

A potent late winter storm system impacted the region on Monday, March 5th through Tuesday, March 6th with moderate to heavy snow, and blizzard conditions across southeast and southcentral South Dakota.

Freezing Drizzle and Snow Impact the Region February 19-20, 2018

Published 2018-02-20

Two rounds of light to moderate precipitation moved across the area on February 19th and 20th. The first brought light freezing drizzle to northwest IA and adjacent areas. The second produced 2 to 4 inches of snowfall in southeast SD & southwest MN.

Snow Moves Across the Region - February 8-9, 2018

Published 2018-02-09

Persistent light snows over a 24 hour period brought accumulating snow to the region. In total, accumulations between 2 and 5" were common.

Arctic Air Remains In Place Across The Region

Published 2018-02-01

Frigid temperatures and bitter wind chills will persist through tonight as arctic air continues to plague much of the Northern Plains...

January 22, 2018 Blizzard

Published 2018-01-24

A strong low pressure system brought blizzard conditions to portions of the region. Gusty northerly winds over 35-40 mph at times and significant snowfall totals over a foot were observed over portions of northeast Nebraska, far southeast South Dakota, n

Line of Severe Storms with Damaging Winds - September 19, 2017

Published 2017-09-20

A line of strong to severe storms moved across the region during the evening and into the overnight hours. The line produced damaging winds in many locations, along with a few reports of large hail.

Line of Severe Storms with Heavy Rain - August 25, 2017

Published 2017-08-26

A line of strong to severe thunderstorms moved east across the region on the evening of Friday, August 25, 2017. The line produced hail to ping pong ball size, wind gusts to 60 mph, and rainfall of 1-2+ inches.

Solar Eclipse Day Storm Summary - August 21, 2017

Published 2017-08-22

Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms impacted the region on Monday, August 21, 2017, during a long-anticipated solar eclipse. The storms produced large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain including up to 7 inches in southeast Sioux Falls.

August 18th 2017 Tornadic Supercell

Published 2017-08-20

A line of thunderstorms formed across portions of western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota during the late afternoon hours of Friday August 18th. A strong, cyclic supercell on the tail end of the line produced multiple tornadoes during the evening.

Summary of Hailstorms on August, 13, 2017

Published 2017-08-14

A few clusters of thunderstorms quickly became severe across southeast South Dakota into southwest Minnesota during the evening hours. These scattered strong to severe storms produced up to golf ball size, and localized heavy rain to over 2 inches.

Tuesday August 1st Severe Storms

Published 2017-08-02

Tuesday afternoon severe storms quickly developed in far southeast South Dakota, into parts of southwest Minnesota, and northwest Iowa. Large hail accompanied these storms as they drifted southeastward into the early evening hours.