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...The Rip Current Conditions Across the Great Lakes...

Published 2024-05-22

Space Weather Prediction Center Aurora Dashboard

Published 2024-05-10

Upper Peninsula Cloud Cover Forecast

Published 2024-05-10

20th Anniversary of the Dead River Flood

Published 2023-05-12

May 14th marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Dead River Flood.

Severe Storm Summary - June 15, 2022

Published 2022-06-22

Severe Storm Summary - June 15, 2022

Highest Heat Index Values Tuesday June 21st

Published 2022-06-22

Final Storm Total Snowfall Reports from Feb 21-23, 2022

Published 2022-02-25

Review of the Dec 16, 2021 Wind Storm

Published 2022-02-09

Review of the Dec 16, 2021 Wind Storm

Review of the January 5-6, 2022 Heavy Lake Effect Snow

Published 2022-02-08

Overview of the Heavy Lake Effect Snow Event January 5-6, 2022

Review of the December 10-11, 2021 Winter Storm

Published 2022-01-13

Review of the December 5, 2021 Winter Storm

Published 2022-01-13

NWS is seeking public input on consolidations of Frost and Freeze Headlines through Dec 18th, 2021.

Published 2021-11-18

46th Anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10th

Published 2021-11-08

NOAA Weather Radio Outage at Manistique

Published 2021-10-12

Changes Coming to NWS Marquette's Flood Headlines on November 17th

Published 2021-10-09

Review of Severe Storms with Large Hail and Wind Damage August 10, 2021

Published 2021-08-16

Click here for a review of the severe thunderstorms in Gogebic, Iron, Dickinson, and Delta Counties on July 26

Published 2021-08-02

...Elevated Wildfire Potential Today Across Upper Michigan...

Published 2021-05-30

KMQT Weather Radar Out of Service from April 22nd through April 28th

Published 2021-04-16

Recreational Forecast for Isle Royale National Park Restarted

Published 2021-04-10

We need your weather reports! Recruiting volunteer observers across Upper Michigan! Join CoCoRaHS today!

Published 2021-03-22

Review of the Heavy Lake Effect Snow Near Manistique Feb 12-13, 2021

Published 2021-03-10

Review of the Early February 2021 Winter Storm and Cold Air Outbreak

Published 2021-02-23

An area of low pressure developed along an Arctic cold front advancing eastward trough the Upper Midwest, leading to moderate snow over much of Upper Michigan. The snow was initially wet and slushy. However, behind the Arctic front, temperatures plummeted leading to drier snow. Below-normal temperatures then continued for the next 10 days. The cold air behind the front also caused lake effect snow

Changes to western Lake Superior Marine Zones near Apostle Islands began March 30th, 2021

Published 2021-01-23

Service Change Notice for Changes in Gage Zero Elevations

Published 2020-09-05

Public Information Statement- August 31st Tornado

Published 2020-09-01

August 9th Severe Storm - Updated with another confirmed Tornado

Published 2020-08-12

Preliminary Storm Summary from Aug 9, 2020 severe thunderstorms

Make your voice heard! NWS proposing major change to Watch/Warning/Advisory system

Published 2020-08-01

New Upper Michigan Beach Safety Story Map!

Published 2020-07-28

...Record to Near Record Heat Monday into Tuesday and Heavy Rain Possible Tuesday Night into Wednesday Night...

Published 2020-06-07

30th Anniversary of the May, 1990 Snowstorm

Published 2020-05-10

...Three Record Cold Temperatures Set on Friday at NWS Marquette...

Published 2020-05-09

Changes Coming to the Format of Beach Forecasts This Spring and Summer

Published 2020-04-27

Winter Storm April 12th to 13th 2020

Published 2020-04-14

NWS Marquette Winter Weather Monitor

Published 2020-04-11

NWS Marquette's 2019 Year in Review Newsletter

Published 2020-03-09

This newsletter provides a summary of some of the weather highlights during 2019.

Snowfall Totals from Jan 18-19, 2020 Winter Storm

Published 2020-01-20

Snowfall Totals from Nov 30-Dec 1, 2019 Winter Storm

Published 2019-12-03

Winter Storm November, 27th 2019

Published 2019-11-29

44th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald - November 10th, 2019

Published 2019-11-05

Get ready for fall weather hazards by visiting our Fall Safety website!

Published 2019-09-04

Calling all boaters!! Check out this alternative format for our nearshore forecasts and let us know what you think!

Published 2019-08-17

NWS Marquette Spring 2019 Weather Presentation Schedule

Published 2019-04-05

Annual spring storm spotter training presentations will occur in several counties across the U.P. this spring.

February 24th Winter Storm & Blizzard

Published 2019-02-28

February 12-13, 2019 Winter Storm

Published 2019-02-13

February 7th 2019 Winter Storm

Published 2019-02-10

February 4th 2019 Historical Ice Storm

Published 2019-02-04

January 7th 2019 Winter Storm

Published 2019-01-08

Chances of a White Christmas in the U.S.

Published 2018-12-23

Chances of a White Christmas in the United States.

Dense Fog This Morning

Published 2018-12-13

Four new MQT hydrologic observation sites

Published 2018-11-29

Lake Enhanced Snow Nov 9 2018

Published 2018-11-10

Hazy Skies Caused by Smoke From Western U.S. and Canada

Published 2018-08-17

Significant Flash Flooding Event of Father's Day Weekend 2018

Published 2018-06-17

A Flash Flood Warning Continues for northeastern Houghton County as another round of heavy rainfall is possible to move into the area this evening.

Published 2018-06-17

Another round of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms is possible this evening into tonight. Historic flood damage has already occurred in Houghton County this morning. Law Enforcement is encouraging residents to stay off area roadways! An estimated 6 to 7 inches of rain fell early this morning in Houghton County.

Know Before You Go...Daily Beach Hazards and Forecasts

Published 2018-06-13

Link to the Great Lakes Daily Beach Hazards and Forecasts page.

2017-2018 Season Snowfall totals for West and Central Upper Michigan

Published 2018-06-01

National Safe Boating Week - May 19th through May 25th

Published 2018-05-22

15th Anniversary of the Dead River Flood

Published 2018-05-08

April 13 - 16 Significant Winter Storm

Published 2018-04-16

End of March Winter Storm (Last Updated 10:45 AM EDT 4/1)

Published 2018-03-31

January 22 - 23 Winter Storm

Published 2018-01-22

Heavy End of the Year Lake Effect Snow

Published 2017-12-30

Marine and Beach Hazards Simplification - Feedback Requested

Published 2017-12-22

December 11-12th Lake Effect Snow Event

Published 2017-12-10