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KMPX Radar Data Outage

Published 2024-07-15

Soliciting Comments Through July 31 on Proposed Partial County Alerting for Hennepin County

Published 2024-07-03

Record Flooding in Southern Minnesota in June 2024

Published 2024-06-26

"HeatRisk" Expanded Nationwide This Summer

Published 2024-06-13

Latest Drought Information Statement for the MPX Area

Published 2024-04-11

Latest information on the drought impacting central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin

Additional Information Regarding Thursday April 11th Tornado Drills

Published 2024-04-09

Severe Weather Awareness Week April 8-12, 2024 in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Published 2024-04-05

Revenge of the Lost Winter: March 23-27, 2024 Storm

Published 2024-03-28

Final WFO Twin Cities 2024 Spring Flood Outlook

Published 2024-03-14

The 2024 MPX Spring Flood Outlook continues to be below normal, and with little to no snow or rain so far this spring...drought conditions are beginning to take over. We will be highly dependent on late spring rains to generate any spring flooding.

The Many Ways the 2023-2024 Winter Went Missing

Published 2024-03-02

Summary of numerous variables that highlight how unusually mild the winter of 2023-2024 was.

One More Skywarn Class Wednesday, May 15 - Danvers, MN

Published 2024-02-29

Latest Drought Information Update

Published 2024-02-22

Here is the latest drought information for the WFO Twin Cities area, as of Feb 22, 2024.

Now Accepting Applications for Summer Student Volunteers

Published 2024-02-01

Watch, Warning, and Advisory Criteria for NWS Twin Cities

Published 2024-01-07

Warm and Rainy Record-Setting Christmas Holiday Weather

Published 2023-12-27

Halloween Climatology from the MN State Climate office

Published 2023-10-31

Rainfall Totals Saturday through 10:30am Sunday

Published 2023-09-24

Selected rainfall totals of 1.5" or greater from September 23 - 10:30am September 24.

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature vs. Heat Index

Published 2023-07-01

NWS plans to remove the term 'Advisory' - Please provide feedback on the display of future plain language headlines by June 16

Published 2023-05-29

NWS Twin Cities 2023 Spring Flood Outlook (Updated 4/06/2023)

Published 2023-04-06

Updated spring flood outlook for the Minnesota, Upper Mississippi, and Chippewa (WI) river basins, to account for upcoming storm systems.

Streak of days with at least 1 inch snow depth ends at MSP

Published 2023-03-26

Latest Icing Reports

Published 2023-02-27

Latest Icing Reports

Skywarn Recognition Day 2022 - Friday Evening Dec 2 Through Saturday Dec 3

Published 2022-12-01

Latest Snowfall Forecasts

Published 2022-11-28

⚠️Winter 2022-2023 Outlook: Colder than normal with drought continuing in Minnesota

Published 2022-10-20

August 27th Tornadoes (Updated As of Sept 6th)

Published 2022-09-01

August 2-3 Rainfall Reports

Published 2022-08-03

CoCoRaHS map of rainfall amounts from August 2-3

NWS Twin Cities Drought Update - July 21

Published 2022-07-21

Rainfall Reports - Highest Amounts in Western Wisconsin

Published 2022-07-15

Rainfall map and reports from Friday Morning

Severe Weather Summary for May 30th

Published 2022-06-01

Damaging winds and tornadoes looked to be the main threats, as a bowing line of severe thunderstorms lifted northeast through western Minnesota into central Minnesota during the late afternoon and early evening on Memorial Day, May 30th. Numerous reports of damage were received.

Survey Information for May 30/31 Storms

Published 2022-05-31

Survey Info for Storms from May 30th/31st 2022.

May 12th, 2022 Derecho Summary

Published 2022-05-26

Peak Wind Gusts Sunday, Nov 6

Published 2022-04-15

Summer Volunteer Opportunities with NWS Twin Cities

Published 2022-03-08

Click here for more information on this summer's volunteer opportunity at NWS Twin Cities

Final 2022 MPX Spring Flood Outlook - March 10

Published 2022-02-27

Final 2022 spring flood outlook for WFO MPX issued March 10.

Washington's Birthday Naming History

Published 2022-02-14

Historic, Unprecedented Storm of December 15-16, 2021 -- Updated Jan 27 --

Published 2021-12-16

Details on the historic weather event that impacted the central plains and Upper Midwest December 15-16


Published 2021-12-15

An outbreak of severe thunderstorms producing widespread wind damage is expected early this evening. Another round of very strong winds then expected overnight with plummeting temperatures. A flash freeze is likely. Some accumulating snow is possible across western and central Minnesota late tonight.

December 10th 2021 Winter Storm

Published 2021-12-12

Summary of Winter Storm on Dec 10th 2021

Soliciting Comments on the Consolidation of Hard Freeze and Freeze headlines through December 18

Published 2021-11-18

The NWS is considering consolidation of freeze headlines and is asking for feedback via survey.

Summary of September 17, 2021 Preliminary Survey Results

Published 2021-09-20

A line of severe thunderstorms moved across southern Minnesota during the early morning hours of September 17th. The bulk of the storm reports and damage occurred between 2-4 AM CDT. A damage survey conducted on Friday found 4 EF-0 QLCS tornadoes occurred (3 within the southern Twin Cities metro). Received reports of numerous areas with straight-line wind damage.

High-end Severe Thunderstorm Warnings now alerting on smartphones

Published 2021-08-01

Air Quality Alert Until 3 PM Tuesday

Published 2021-07-20

An unprecedented air quality event is underway. Heavy smoke from wildfires in Ontario and Manitoba will linger around through Tuesday. The worst air quality is expected on Sunday when much of the region will fall into the "Very Unhealthy" category. This level is considered very unhealthy for everyone. Visibilities will also be significantly impacted.

The NWS is soliciting comments on a proposal to replace "Advisories" and "Special Weather Statements" through July 31, 2021

Published 2021-07-19

New Meteorologist in Charge Announcement

Published 2021-06-01

Remembering the North Minneapolis Tornado of May 22, 2011

Published 2021-05-21

A look back at the May 22, 2011 tornado that moved from St Louis Park to North Minneapolis to Blaine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 Final Tornado Summary

Published 2021-05-20

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 Severe Weather Summary

Extremely Low Humidity on Saturday

Published 2021-05-02

Last Skywarn spotter online training class for 2021 on May 3 at 7 pm

Published 2021-03-23

Skywarn Spotter Online Training Classes have been announced!

Meteorologist in Charge Dan Luna Retires

Published 2021-02-26

2021 Spring Flood Outlook

Published 2021-02-12

Snowfall Amounts Across The Region

Published 2020-12-27

Historical Chances of a White Christmas

Published 2020-12-17

NWS Chanhassen Virtual Skywarn Recognition Day Through Saturday Afternoon

Published 2020-12-04

What's the weather normally like on Thanksgiving?

Published 2020-11-24

Does Snow in October Mean We're in for a Tough Winter?

Published 2020-10-30

24 Hour Snowfall Reports

Published 2020-10-25

The "Winter Storm Severity Index" (WSSI) is Now Operational

Published 2020-10-15

Probabilistic Snowfall Graphics Have Begun for the Season

Published 2020-10-15

2020 Growing Season Ends With Hard Freeze Sunday Morning

Published 2020-10-04

Hard freeze, growing season 2020

Summary of August 14, 2020 Severe Weather Event

Published 2020-08-27

Severe thunderstorms developed across Western Minnesota Friday afternoon, August 14th. These storms produced several tornadoes across the region, as well as numerous reports of wind damage. Survey results are preliminary and not an exhaustive list of all tornadoes that were reported.


Published 2020-07-26

Damage survey results of the tornadoes from early morning and late evening of July 18, 2020

Published 2020-07-13

Independence Day Climatology

Published 2020-07-02

10th Anniversary of the Historic June 17th Tornado Outbreak

Published 2020-06-17

NWS is proposing major changes to the Watch/Warning/Advisory system - your feedback is needed through 8/21!

Published 2020-06-13

Summary of May 6, 1965 Twin Cities Tornadoes

Published 2020-05-05

Learn weather at home! Check out fun weather tools, games and more. 📚

Published 2020-04-23

Latest Storm Reports

Published 2020-04-20

Rusk County Hail Event April 7th, 2020

Published 2020-04-10

March 12 Update: Spring Flood Outlook

Published 2020-03-12

Updated spring flood outlook from NWS Twin Cities

Feb 13 Update: Spring Flood Outlook

Published 2020-02-13

24 Hour Snowfall Map

Published 2020-01-14

24 Hour Snowfall Map

Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events of 2019

Published 2020-01-04

Top 10 Wisconsin Weather Events of 2019

Point and Click Pages Are Not Updating

Published 2019-11-22

NWS point and click pages are not updating correctly.  Technicians are troubleshooting the issue and it is hoped to be resolved by this evening.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Click 'Read More' to access a link to county forecasts.

KMPX Radar Outage This Week

Published 2019-11-06

Statewide Snowfall Probabilities for Minnesota

Published 2019-11-05

Snow Probability Graphics Have Begun For The Season

Published 2019-10-08

Twin Cities Dew Point Temperature History

Published 2019-09-30

dew point history

Summary of the August 26, 2019 Tornadoes in Mille Lacs County

Published 2019-08-28

Summary of August 5, 2019 Severe Weather Event

Published 2019-08-20

50 YEARS AGO: Remembering the deadly August 6, 1969 Northwoods Tornado Outbreak

Published 2019-08-06

Summary of the July 28, 2019 Tornadoes - Updated 8/3 9:15 AM

Published 2019-07-30

Summary of July 19, 2019 Severe Weather Event

Published 2019-07-27

Storm Report Summary From Friday's Storms

Published 2019-07-27

Summary of storm reports from Friday/Saturday July 26-27

A Muggy and Stormy Period - July 14th to 19th, 2019

Published 2019-07-24

Summary of Storm Survey in Rusk County - July 4th 2019

Published 2019-07-06

An EF0 Tornado occurred in Rusk County. Preliminary track line was 7.7 miles with a maximum width of 100 yards, and maximum speed of 85 mph.

Summary of Severe Storms in Southwest Minnesota - June 20 2019

Published 2019-06-22

Two supercells produced large hail, damaging wind, and a few tornadoes across southwest Minnesota on Thursday, June 20 2019.

Severe Weather from June 04 2019

Published 2019-06-05

Overview of the severe storms from June 04 2019

Air Quality Alert for East Central and Southeast Minnesota Until Noon Sunday

Published 2019-05-31

April 10-12 Winter Storm Summary

Published 2019-04-14

April 10-12 Winter Storm Summary

Spring Flood Outlook (March 7th Update)

Published 2019-03-06

Watch, Warning Advisory Map Not Updating

Published 2019-02-24

February 20, 2019 Snow Event Summary

Published 2019-02-21

February 2019 Set Many Records for Snowfall

Published 2019-02-13

Coldest Temperatures and Wind Chills Observed This Week

Published 2019-01-30

Winter Storm Sunday Afternoon and Sunday Night, Then Dangerously Cold Next Week

Published 2019-01-23

Occasional heavy snow is expected from Sunday afternoon through Sunday night. Snow totals of 6 to 10 inches are expected across much of the region. The heaviest totals are currently expected across east central Minnesota into western Wisconsin. Potentially historic cold will then surge south behind the system, with wind chills in the -40s and -50s by Wednesday morning.

We want your feedback on Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

Published 2018-12-18

Forecast Assessment for the December 1, 2018 Winter Storm

Published 2018-12-04

Election Day Climatology

Published 2018-11-03

Election Day Climatology in the Twin Cities

2018-19 Winter Outlook

Published 2018-10-19

National Test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and Emergency Alert System (EAS) Wednesday at 1:18 PM CDT

Published 2018-09-30

August 27 2018 Severe Weather Summary

Published 2018-08-29

Summary of the severe weather from August 27, 2018.

Dew Point Records in the Twin Cities

Published 2018-06-18

Memorial Day 2018 Heat Indices

Published 2018-05-29

Minnesota Wisconsin Memorial Day 2018 Heat Indices

Summary of May 6, 1965 Twin Cities Tornadoes

Published 2018-05-06

History of Weather for the Baseball Home Opener

Published 2018-04-05

Remembering the Tornadoes of March 29, 1998 (Comfrey, St Peter, Le Center, and more)

Published 2018-03-28

Forecast Assessment for the Historic April 13-16, 2018 Winter Storm/Blizzard

Published 2018-03-10

One Year Anniversary of the Earliest Tornadoes in Minnesota History

Published 2018-03-06

Winter Weather Safety

Published 2018-02-22

Winter Weather Safety

Winter Weather Safety Information

Published 2018-01-30

Minnesota Tornadoes in 2017

Published 2018-01-16

NWS Twin Cities to Begin Grading Winter Storm Forecasts

Published 2018-01-08

Christmas Day to New Year's Eve Coldest in Twin Cities in 132 Years

Published 2018-01-02

Christmas Day to New Year's Eve Coldest in Twin Cities in 132 Years

Top 5 Weather Events of 2017 in Minnesota

Published 2018-01-02

Top 5 Weather Events of 2017 in Minnesota

Monday's Solar Eclipse Information

Published 2017-06-27