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Storm Reporting (North and Central Georgia)

It's important for our forecasters to have ground truth during severe weather events. If you are in our County Warning Area and experience hail (penny sized or larger), damaging wind or a tornado, please let us know as soon as you safely can via one of the following options:


submit your report via our severe weather reporting hotline

Call our Severe Weather Reporting Hotline at

submit your report via the online form

Submit your report through our online form.

Tweet your report

Tweet your severe weather report with #gawx.

submit your report via SpotterNetwork

Submit your report online via Spotter Network.
(Test required to submit a report.)


  Items to include in your report:  
  • Type of report (hail, tornado, wind damage, snow, ice, etc)
  • If reporting hail, the size of hail in relation to a coin or ball
  • If reporting strong wind, the wind speed and whether it was measured or estimated
  • Any damage caused by the event (trees or powerlines down or structural damage, etc - please include the number of trees or powerlines down)
  • If reporting winter weather, the amount of snow or ice
  • Where and what time the event occurred. Please include your location as accurately as possible.
    For example, 2 miles east of Fayetteville in Fayette County or provide your street address (preferred method).

Providing this information is voluntary.
When you submit your report, it will go DIRECTLY to the staff at the National Weather Service
in Peachtree City. Your reports are very important to us!

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