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What is StormReady® ? It is a National Weather Service program designed to recognize counties that have reached a high level of severe weather preparedness. To be recognized as StormReady®, a county must meet criteria established jointly between the NWS and state and local emergency management officials. These criteria include:
  • Having a local 24-hour warning point and an Emergency Operations Center.
  • Having multiple ways of receiving NWS warnings.
  • Being able to monitor local weather/river conditions.
  • Having multiple ways of alerting the public.
  • Promoting public readiness through community seminars and presentations.
  • Having a formal hazardous weather plan.
  • Having trained spotters.
  • Conducting periodic drills / exercises.
  • Interacting with their supporting NWS office.

The essence of the program is to ensure the entire warning system performs properly when severe weather strikes. The "system" is comprised of the NWS (which issues the warnings), local emergency management (which ensures the warnings get communicated), and you (who respond properly to the warnings). When each part of this system performs well, lives and property are saved. StormReady® recognizes those counties in which the system is most likely to perform well.

Here's How to Apply
To apply for StormReady® status for your county, visit the National StormReady web page and look for "How to Become StormReady" on the right side of the page. For those not eligible for StormReady status, such as businesses, schools and other non-government entities, but who still wish to recognize their severe weather preparedness, there is an application to become a StormReady Supporter.