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Youtube/Powerpoint Weather Lessons

What Are They?

The following presentations were created for a middle school class by our meteorologist Aaron Treadway. The Youtube videos, which range from 4 to 11 minutes long, include explanations by Aaron. The presentations are also linked below allowing teachers to download them if they wish. 

New videos will be added to this page periodically.


High/Low Presentation

Fronts Presentation

Thunderstorm Presentation

The Atmosphere Presentation

Presentation on the Wind

Life of a Meteorologist Presentation

Tornado Presentation

Clouds Presentation

Weather and Climate Presentation

Meteorology Jobs Presentation

Weather Radar Presentation



Forecasting Activity

The forecast activity is designed to give students the experience of making a weather forecast. They can use the spreadsheet to make the forecast from the NWS website, then verify the forecast the next day. The document below has many useful weather links and resources. If you have questions about the activity or would like it customized for your area (including the weather briefing) please don't hesitate to contact meteorologist Aaron Treadway.


Forecast Activity Spreadsheet

Forecast Activity Weather Links

Ask-A-Meteorologist Hangouts for Schools

What is it?

Ask-a-Meteorologist is a way to easily allow your students to learn about the weather through face-to-face interaction with NWS meteorologists! Utilizing Google Hangouts allows multiple classrooms to participate at the same time without the hassles of travel and set-up.

Ask-a-Meteorologist with Capitol School of Austin (2016)


How Does It Work?

All your classroom needs to participate is an internet connection and a webcam with a microphone. Google Hangouts is a free video chat interface that work with any web browser. We send a link to the Ask-a-Meteorologist session via email and all you have to do is click on the link! From there we will cycle through the classroom(s) allowing students to ask questions to the various meteorologists participating. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Send an email containing your name, school, class size/grade and preferred date to Meteorologist Aaron Treadway!

Who Will Be Participating?

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service (NWS) office in New Braunfels, TX. We can accommodate up to five classrooms on the call from across South Central Texas. We may also have some special guests on the call who are local TV meteorologists, emergency managers, and other weather partners!


Feel free to email Meteorologist Aaron Treadway from the NWS office in New Braunfels.