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Austin/San Antonio WFO Air Quality Information

Air Quality Alert (AQA)

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) declares an Ozone Action Day for conditions that produce elevated levels of ozone in the Austin and/or San Antonio metro areas. These alerts are intended to help keep ozone levels within EPA guidelines. For additional information on ozone from the TCEQ, read Ozone: The Facts.

TCEQ meteorologists will determine if criteria for high amounts of ozone are likely to occur the following day and contact the NWS generally by 2 pm local time on the day prior to the Ozone Action Day to request dissemination of an Air Quality Alert. This provides commuters and local agencies time to plan activities for the following day. The alert is valid for only one day and must be renewed each succeeding day.

The National Weather Service relays Air Quality Alerts at the request of TCEQ for an Ozone Action Day in the Austin or San Antonio metro area through the following text product:

                No current Air Quality Alert in the NWS Austin/San Antonio County Warning Area.        



The National Weather Service does not produce an air quality forecast at the local weather forecast office; however, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality produces air quality forecasts for Texas here:



Geographic Texas Air Monitoring (GeoTAM)


Other Guidance

The National Weather Service produces Air Quality Forecast Guidance through the National Air Quality Forecast Capability (NAQFC). Click below for more guidance data.