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Severe Storms and Heavy Rainfall From the Plains to the Carolinas

Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms are possible Thursday afternoon across the central and southern High Plains as well Virginia into the eastern Carolinas. Stronger storms may produce heavy to excessive rainfall leading to isolated instances of flash flooding. Heavy rain will also be possible for parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley. Read More >


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**ABRFC Forecast Precipitation**     **WGRFC Forecast Precipitation**


AVAO2 - Salt Fork Arkansas River
near Alva, OK

KIOK1 - Medine Lodge River
near Kiowa, KS (NWS Dodge City)

GSPO2 - Salt Fork Arkansas River
at Great Salt Plains Reservoir near Jet, OK

TONO2 - Salt Fork Arkansas River
near Tonkawa, OK

CBNK1 - Chikaskia River
near Corbin, KS (NWS Wichita)

BLKO2 - Chikaskia River
near Blackwell, OK

FRGO2 - Cimarron River
near Forgan, OK (NWS Dodge City)

BTMK1 - Cimarron River
near Buttermilk, KS (NWS Dodge City)

BBCK1 - Bluff Creek
near Buttermilk, KS (NWS Dodge City)

BFFO2 - Cimarron River
near Buffalo, OK

WANO2 - Cimarron River
near Waynoka, OK

AMCO2 - Cimarron River
near Ames, OK

DOVO2 - Cimarron River
near Dover, OK

KNGO2 - Kingfisher Creek
at Kingfisher, OK

KNRO2 - Uncle John Creek
at Kingfisher, OK

SWDO2 - Cottonwood Creek
near Seward, OK

GUCO2 - Cottonwood Creek
at Guthrie, OK

GTRO2- Cimarron River
near Guthrie, OK

ESCO2 - Skeleton Creek
at Enid, OK

LVLO2 - Skeleton Creek
near Lovell, OK

SWCO2 - Stillwater Creek
at Stillwater, OK

SFRO2 - Stillwater Creek
near Stillwater, OK

RIPO2 - Cimarron River
near Ripley, OK

BVRO2 - Beaver River
at Beaver, OK (NWS Amarillo)

FSPO2 - Beaver River
near Fort Supply, OK

LCBT2 - Wolf Creek
at Lipscomb, TX (NWS Amarillo)

GAWO2 - Wolf Creek
near Gage, OK

FWCO2 - Wolf Creek
near Fort Supply, OK

FSLO2 - Wolf Creek
at Fort Supply Lake near Fort Supply, OK

WDGO2 - North Canadian River
near Woodward, OK

SEIO2 - North Canadian River
near Seiling, OK

CNLO2 - North Canadian River
at Canton Laker near Canton, OK

WATO2 - North Canadian River
near Watonga, OK

ELNO2 - North Canadian River
near El Reno, OK

YUKO2- North Canadian River
near Yukon, OK

OVRO2 - North Canadian River
at Laker Overholser near OKC

OLBO2 - North Canadian River
at NW 10th Street at OKC

OCCO2 - Crutcho Creek
at SE 50th Street at OKC

MWCO2 - Crutcho Creek
at SE 29th Street at Midwest City

MSCO2 - Soldier Creek
near SE 15th Street at Midwest City

OKBO2 - North Canadian River
at Britton Road at OKC

WWLO2 - North Deer Creek
at Wes Watkins Reservoir near McLoud, OK

HRHO2 - North Canadian River
near Harrah, OK

SWNO2 - North Canadian River
near Shawnee, OK

SNCO2 - North Canadian River
at Shawnee, OK

WWCO2 - Wewoka Creek
near Wetumka, OK

WETO2 - North Canadian River
near Wetumka, OK

ACDO2 - Deep Fork River
at Arcadia Lake at Arcadia, OK

WRWO2 - Deep Fork River
near Warwick, OK

SDFO2 - Deep Fork River
near Stroud, OK

BGSO2 - Deep Fork River
near Beggs, OK (NWS Tulsa)

CDNT2 - Canadian River
near Canadian, TX (NWS Amarillo)

BRIO2 - Canadian River
near Bridgeport, OK

CCRO2 - Canadian River
near Cogar, OK

TUCO2 - Canadian River
near Mustang, OK

NRCO2- Canadian River
at Norman, OK

PRCO2 - Canadian River
at Purcell, OK

LSDO2 - East Elm Creek
at Lake Stanley Draper near OKC

NRMO2 - Little River
at Lake Thunderbird near Norman, OK

NLRO2 - Little River
near Norman, OK

TCMO2 - Little River
near Tecumseh, OK

SASO2 - Little River
near Sasakwa, OK

CLVO2 - Canadian River
near Calvin, OK

WLGT2 - Salt Fork of the Red River
near Wellington, TX (NWS Amarillo)

MGMO2 - Salt Fork of the Red River
near Mangum

ESFO2 - Salt Fork of the Red River
near Elmer, OK

SHAT2 - North Fork of the Red River
near Shamrock, OK (NWS Amarillo)

KTNT2 - Sweetwater Creek
near Kelton, TX

SWTO2 - Sweetwater Creek
near Sweetwater, OK

SAYO2 - North Fork of the Red River
near Sayre, OK

CARO2 - North Fork of the Red River
near Carter, OK

ALTO2 - North Fork of the Red River
at Altus-Lugert Lake, OK

LGTO2 - North Fork of the Red River
near Lugert, OK

LDDO2 - Lugert Drainage Ditch
at Lugert, OK

CRLO2 - Elm Fork of North Fork Red River
near Carl, OK

GNTO2 - Elm Fork of North Fork Red River
near Granite, OK

RVTO2 - Elk Creek
near Roosevelt, OK

HEAO2 - North Fork of the Red River
near Headrick, OK

MTNO2 - West Otter Creek
at Tom Steed Lake near Mountain Park OK

SYDO2 - Otter Creek
near Snyder, OK

TIPO2 - North Fork of the Red River
near Tipton, OK

PWRT2 - North Wichita River
near Paducah, TX (NWS Lubbock)

TLPT2 - Middle Wichita River
near Guthrie, TX (NWS Lubbock)

TRST2 - North Wichita River
near Truscott, TX

BPST2 - South Wichita River
near Guthrie, TX (NWS Lubbock)

BENT2 - South Wichita River
near Benjamin, TX

SEYT2 - Wichita River
near Seymour, TX

SYOT2 - Wichita River
at Lake Kemp near Seymour, TX

MBLT2 - Wichita River
near Mabelle, TX

DDET2 - Wichita River
at Lake Diversion near Dundee, TX

DSCT2 - Southside Canal
near Dundee, TX

ELTT2 - Beaver Creek
near Electra, TX

IPWT2 - Wichita River
near Iowa Park, TX

IPRT2 - North Fork Buffalo Creek Reservoir
near Iowa Park, TX

WICT2 - Wichita River
at Wichita Falls, TX

WFHT2 - Holliday Creek
at Wichita Falls, TX

WFRT2 - Wichita River
at River Road at Wichita Falls, TX

WUCT2 - Unnamed Creek
at FM 171 Road near Wichita Falls, TX

WBKT2 - Bear Creek
at FM 171 Road near Wichita Falls, TX

CHWT2 - Wichita River
near Charlie, TX

ARHT2 - Little Wichita River
at Lake Kickapoo near Archer City, TX

ALWT2 - Little Wichita River
near Archer City, TX

ARRT2 - Little Wichita River
at Lake Arrowhead near Henrietta, TX

HTAT2 - Little Wichita River
near Henrietta, TX

HTWT2 - East Fork Little Wichita River
near Henrietta, TX

LTLO2 - Medicine Creek
at Lake Lawtonka near Medicine Park, OK

ELWO2 - East Cache Creek
at Lake Ellsworth near Elgin, OK

WLTO2 - East Cache Creek
near Walters, OK

FDLO2 - Deep Red Creek
at Lake Frederick near Frederick, OK

RNDO2 - Deep Red Creek
near Randlett, OK

HUBO2 - Beaver Creek
near Hulen, OK

DLBO2 - Little Beaver Creek
near Duncan, OK

WRLO2 - Beaver Creek
at Waurika Lake near Waurika, OK

ADDO2 - Cow Creek near
Addington, OK

WAKO2 - Beaver Creek
at Waurika, OK

CHYO2 - Washita River
near Cheyenne, OK

HMMO2 - Washita River
near Hammon, OK

FOSO2 - Washita River
at Foss Reservoir near Foss, OK

FBFO2 - Washita River
near Foss, OK

CLIO2- Washita River
near Clinton, OK

CAGO2 - Washita River
near Carnegie, OK

EAKO2 - Cobb Creek
near Eakley, OK

FTCO2 - Cobb Creek
at Fort Cobb Lake near Fort Cobb, OK

FCCO2 - Cobb Creek
near Fort Cobb, OK

ANDO2 - Washita River
at Anadarko, OK

CCKO2 - Washita River
near Chickasha, OK

NKHO2 - Little Washita River
near Ninnekah, OK

ALXO2 - Washita River
at Alex, OK

LNDO2 - Washita River
near Lindsay, OK

PLVO2 - Washita River
near Pauls Valley, OK

HVRO2 - Wildhorse Creek
near Hoover, OK

STCO2 - Travertine Creek
at Sulphur, OK

SRCO2 - Rock Creek
at Sulphur, OK

ARBO2 - Rock Creek
at Lake of the Arbuckles near Dougherty, OK

DURO2 - Washita River
near Dickson, OK

SMCO2 - Mill Creek
near Sulphur, OK

MCKO2 - Mill Creek
near Mill Creek, OK

MICO2 - Mill Creek
at Mouth of 3Mile Creek near Mill Creek, OK

MPCO2 - Pennington Creek
5 Miles NNE of Mill Creek, OK

MCPO2 - Pennington Creek
near Mill Creek, OK

RPCO2 - Pennington Creek
near Reagan, OK

TWRO2 - Washita River
near Tishomingo, OK

CWRO2 - Washita River
at Cumberland Cut near Cumberland, OK

CHLT2 - Prairie Dog Town Fork of the
Red River near Childress, OK
(NWS Lubbock)

QGCT2 - Groesbeck Creek
near Quanah, TX

VERT2 - Pease River
near Vernon, TX

DVDO2 - Red River
near Davidson, OK

BKBT2 - Red River
near Burkburnett, TX

TRLO2 - Red River
at Terral, OK

CORO2 - Mud Creek
near Courtney, OK

GSVT2 - Red River
near Gainesville, TX

DSNT2 - Red River
at Lake Texoma near Denison, TX

DSTT2 - Red River
near Denison, TX

ARCT2 - Red River
at Arthur City, TX (NWS Tulsa)

FKBO2 - Blue River
near Franks, OK

FIBO2 - Blue River
near Fittstown, OK

CNBO2 - Blue River
at Connerville, OK

CNVO2 - Blue River
near Franks, OK

KBRO2 - Blue River
near Kenefic, OK

BLUO2 - Blue River
near Blue, OK

BDCO2 - Delaware Creek
near Bromide, OK

CANO2 - Clear Boggy Creek
above Caney Creek near Caney, OK

ATMO2 - Muddy Boggy Creek
at Atoka, OK

ATKO2 - North Boggy Creek
at Atoka Lake near Atoka, OK

MGCO2 - McGee Creek
at McGee Creek Lake near Farris, OK

FRSO2 - Muddy Boggy Creek
near Farris, OK

AMTT2 - Double Mountain Fork Brazos River
near Aspermont, TX

ARTT2 - Salt Fork Brazos River
near Aspermont, TX

SYMT2 - Brazos River
at Seymour, TX