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10th Anniversary of the Devastating Pilger, NE Tornadoes of June 16, 2014

Published 2024-06-16

Here is the link to the summary of the event.

May 24, 2024 Derecho and Tornadoes

Published 2024-05-24

May 21, 2024 Tornadoes, Flash Flooding, and Severe Weather

Published 2024-05-22

Updated Drought Information

Published 2024-05-13

Link to the latest Drought Information Statement issued by NWS OAX.

April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Published 2024-03-21

A link to the a page about the April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Tornado Drill 2024 Details

Published 2024-03-15

Document with more information on the Nebraska and Iowa Tornado Drill on March 27, 2024 during Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Spring Flood and Water Resources Outloook

Published 2024-02-15

This page contains information related to the spring flood outlook, including images and information about future updates.

Storm Total Snowfall Ending 1/9/2024

Published 2024-01-09

Storm total snowfall ending 1/9/2024

2023 Climate Summary

Published 2024-01-01

A summary of climate conditions in 2023 for Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk, NE.

Winter Weather Awareness Day 2023 Story Map

Published 2023-11-07

Report Rainfall from Your Backyard!

Published 2023-08-03

Sign up for CoCoRaHS today.

Martell, NE Tornado 07/29/2023

Published 2023-07-30

Severe Weather Reports July 12, 2023

Published 2023-07-12

Winter Weather Overview

Published 2023-04-05

Winter Weather Overview

Top Weather Events for 2022

Published 2023-01-01

Top weather events in our area for 2022

2022 Climate Summary for Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk

Published 2023-01-01

2022 Climate Summary for Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk

24 Hour Peak Wind Gusts Ending 6 AM Saturday

Published 2022-12-03

Winter Weather Awareness Day, Thursday, November 10th

Published 2022-11-03

Iowa and Nebraska Winter Weather Awareness Day is Thursday, November 10th. Now is the time to start preparing for the winter weather season, which is quickly approaching.

2022-2023 Winter Outlook

Published 2022-10-20

NOAAs 2022-2023 Winter Outlook

Drought Conditions Worsen Across the Region

Published 2022-09-08

Drought conditions worsen across portions of the area.

Storm Summary for for 6/14/22 to 6/15/22

Published 2022-06-16

Storm Summary for Severe Weather Event 6/14/22 to 6/15/22

Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness Week Story Map

Published 2022-03-23

February 2022 and Winter Climate Stats

Published 2022-03-01

February 2022 and Winter Climate Stats

Top Weather Events of 2021

Published 2022-01-03

2021 Climate Year in Review for Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk

Published 2022-01-02

A summary of the climate data for 2021 for Omaha, Lincoln, and Norfolk Nebraska.

2021-2022 North Central U.S. Winter Outlook

Published 2021-11-23

The latest precipitation and temperature outlook for the north central United States for winter 2021-2022.

Nebraska and Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day is November 4th

Published 2021-11-01

Nebraska and Iowa winter weather awareness day is Thursday, November 4th. Now is the time to start preparing for the winter weather season, which is quickly approaching.

Flood stage is changing on Shell Creek near Columbus

Published 2021-10-06

This page describes an upcoming change to the river gage on Shell Creek near Columbus, Nebraska.

Persia Iowa Microburst July 30 2021

Published 2021-08-03

Nebraska Heat Awareness Day, June 28

Published 2021-06-28

Monday, June 28,2021 is Heat Awareness Day in Nebraska. Heat safety information will be sent across social media during the day.

Norfolk Weather Radio Transmitter Down For Maintenance

Published 2021-04-21

Dangerously Cold Wind Chills This Week

Published 2021-02-09

Dangerously Cold Wind Chills This Week

NOAA Weather Radio Test Cancelled Wednesday 1/20

Published 2021-01-19

2020 Climate Summary for Norfolk

Published 2021-01-09

2020 Climate Summary for Lincoln

Published 2021-01-09

2020 Climate Summary for Omaha

Published 2021-01-09

Another Winter System Expected Friday

Published 2020-12-29

Another winter system Expected Friday.

24 Hour Peak Wind Gusts Ending 1030 PM Wednesday

Published 2020-12-24

Please Take a Short Survey on Warning Statements

Published 2020-12-20

Please take a short survey on warning Statements

Please Take A Short Survey Regarding NWS Frost/Freeze Products

Published 2020-12-02

The NWS is exploring potential changes & improvements to the way it displays & communicates frost & freeze events. NWS is soliciting comments on public and partner use of and needs for frost & freeze information through December 17, 2020. Currently, the NWS issues five products to alert the public & partners on these hazards: Frost Advisory, Freeze Watch, Freeze Warnings & Hard Freeze Warning.

Please Take Our Short Survey About Frost and Freeze Products Issued by the National Weather Service

Published 2020-11-13

Please Take Our Short Survey About Frost and Freeze Products Issued by the National Weather Service

2020 Iowa and Nebraska Winter Weather Awareness Day November 5th (PDF)

Published 2020-10-28

Winter Weather Awareness Day Packet for 2020

Accumulating Snow Possible Through Early Monday

Published 2020-10-24

Accumulating Snow Possible Through Early Monday

Storms July 8 and 9, 2020

Published 2020-07-09

Here's a quick look at yesterday's severe weather reports in southeastern Nebraska! Widespread damage to trees, power lines, and crops was reported, along with some damage to homes and outbuildings as well.

Peak 24 Hour Wind Gusts Ending 10 AM June 10th

Published 2020-06-10

Feedback Requested on Proposed Discontinuing of Select Products (with links)

Published 2020-05-22

Three low priority products are being discontinued.

Easter Sunday Tornado Omaha, March 23, 1913

Published 2020-03-23

Public Flood Meetings Scheduled (last one is March 11th!)

Published 2020-03-07

These are meetings to discuss the spring flood threat.

Smoke Advisory System for Flint Hills Burns

Published 2020-03-06

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reminds Nebraskans that it's Flint Hills burning season in Kansas and Oklahoma. Smoke from these fires can negatively impact the air quality of downwind areas, including Nebraska.

In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb?

Published 2020-02-25

Applications For Our Summer Student Volunteer Position Are Now Being Accepted - Apply By March, 1st

Published 2020-01-21

Major Hardware Upgrade for the KOAX WSR-88D Radar beginning January 13th

Published 2020-01-08

March 2019 Flood Review - Nebraska Department of Natural Resources

Published 2019-12-17

Nebraska Flooding: March 2019, Winter Storm Ulmer - Bombogenesis, Blizzards, Road Closures and Record Flooding.

Snowfall Amounts Ending 7am 11/27/19

Published 2019-11-27

Keep Up with this Week's Winter Weather

Published 2019-11-24

Probabilistic Snow Forecasts Are For You

Published 2019-11-24

November 7th: Nebraska/Iowa Winter Weather Awareness Day!

Published 2019-10-29

PDF of Winter Weather Awareness Day Information

Proposed Flood Stage Changes

Published 2019-08-29

This is a list of proposed flood stage changes based on the March 2019 flood.

Severe Storms Expected Late This Afternoon and Evening

Published 2019-06-25

Storm Survey Wednesday for Richardson and Nemaha Counties

Published 2019-05-22

May 5, 2019: EF-2 Tornado Confirmed in Lincoln

Published 2019-05-06

An EF-2 tornado was confirmed in Lincoln NE on May 5, 2019.

Hancock, IA Weather Radio Remains Off the Air

Published 2019-04-13

The Hancock, IA NOAA weather radio transmitter has been damaged and is off the air. Restoration time line is currently unknown.

Blizzard expected Wednesday night through Thursday

Published 2019-04-10

Severe Storms Wednesday Evening

Published 2019-04-10

Tornado Drill - March 27, 2019 10am

Published 2019-03-23

Blizzard Warning for Saturday!!!

Published 2019-02-22

Blizzard Warning is Posted for Saturday.

2018 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2019-02-02

This is a summary of the conditions that occurred during 2018.

24 - Hour Minimum Wind Chills Ending 10 AM Wednesday

Published 2019-01-30

We Are - The NWS

Published 2019-01-15

Heavy Snow January 12, 2018

Published 2019-01-14

Heavy Snow January 12, 2018

Heavy Rain and Flooding Possible through Tonight

Published 2018-10-09

Severe storms possible this afternoon and evening.

Published 2018-09-20

Possible Flash Flooding Tonight

Published 2018-09-02

A flash flood watch is in effect through Monday morning.

Severe Weather Possible Saturday Evening

Published 2018-09-01

Severe storms will be possible across parts of the area late this afternoon through this evening.

Severe storms possible this afternoon and evening.

Published 2018-08-05

Severe Weather Possible Wednesday Afternoon and Evening

Published 2018-07-18

Severe weather will be possible across the Mid Missouri River valley Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Minor Flooding Along the Missouri River the Next Several Days

Published 2018-07-07

Minor flooding will continue on the Missouri River the Next Several Days

Severe Storms and Flooding Possible This Afternoon and Tonight

Published 2018-06-30

NWS Omaha Weather Radar Is Down for Scheduled Maintenance

Published 2018-06-27

Independence Day Climate Information

Published 2018-06-26

Missouri River Flooding Information

Published 2018-06-20

Flooding is expected along the Missouri River.

Severe storms possible this afternoon and evening.

Published 2018-06-18

At Least Six Confirmed Tornadoes - June 11, 2018

Published 2018-06-13

Heat Safety Awareness Day in Nebraska and Iowa - June 7, 2018

Published 2018-06-07

Heat Safety Information

Severe Weather Decision Support Page

Published 2018-06-06

Climate Facts for Memorial Day

Published 2018-05-24

Severe Weather Possible During the Late Afternoon and Evening

Published 2018-05-19

Severe Weather Possible During the Late Afternoon and Evening

Severe Weather Threat Continues Today

Published 2018-04-30

One more day of severe storms are forecast today. Stay weather-aware and be prepared for severe weather watches and warnings during the afternoon and evening. The best threat today is again south of Interstate 80.

48 Hour Snow Totals Ending 7 am 4/15/18

Published 2018-04-15

48 Hour Snow Totals Ending 7 am 4/15/18

2018 NOAA Weather Radio Programming Dates at HyVee

Published 2018-04-10

Storm Total Snow from April 1

Published 2018-04-02

A potent storm brought snow to some parts of the area.

Severe Weather Awareness Week Packet (7.7MB)

Published 2018-03-08

SWAW Packet

Spotter Talk in Norfolk CANCELLED Tonight!!!!

Published 2018-03-06

The storm spotter talk scheduled tonight (March 6th) at the Lifelong Learning Center in Norfolk has been cancelled due to weather conditions. It will be rescheduled at a future date.

Winter Weather Moving Through the Region Today

Published 2018-02-22

Winter weather moving through the region today.

Event Review: January 22nd Blizzard

Published 2018-01-25

Event review of the January 22, 2018 blizzard that impacted parts of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Blizzard on January 22, 2018

Published 2018-01-23

Blizzard Overview from January 22, 2018

Strong Winter Storm to Affect the Region Today

Published 2018-01-22

A strong winter storm will move through the region today. This will bring snow and strong winds to parts of the area. Blizzard conditions are expected from north central Kansas through northeast Nebraska into northwest Iowa. Travel will become impossible in some areas through the day.

Become a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

Published 2018-01-18

Cold Start to 2018

Published 2018-01-01

Cold start to 2018

Wintry Weather Moving Through The Area Today

Published 2017-12-21

Wintry weather will move through the area today.

Inadvertent Sirens Sounded in Pottawattamie County this Morning

Published 2017-12-18

Nebraska/Iowa Winter Weather Awareness (5.1 MB PDF Info Packet)

Published 2017-11-30

Weather and Climate Information for the Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Published 2017-08-01

Enhanced Risk of Severe Storms Tonight

Published 2017-06-27

There will be an enhanced risk of severe storms across portions of the Plains tonight. A cluster of severe storms will likely develop from South Dakota Southward though western Kansas late this afternoon, then move east into our area by late evening and overnight. Damaging winds and large hail will be likely. Please be weather aware later tonight and be prepared for eventual watches and warnings.

Get ready for summer weather hazards by visiting our Summer Safety website!

Published 2017-06-01