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History of 100 Degree Days at Denver

Published 2024-07-12

Grand County NOAA Weather Radio Degraded State

Published 2024-07-03

Grand County NOAA Weather Radio Degraded State

Denver's Monthly Climate Summary for June 2024

Published 2024-07-02

Climate Summary for May 2024

Published 2024-06-02

Live NOAA Weather Radio Test with Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority - May 13th at 6 PM

Published 2024-05-08

High Wind Reports Northeast Colorado Front Range Denver May 6, 2024

Published 2024-05-07

Denver's April 2024 Climate Summary

Published 2024-05-04

Proposed NWR and EAS Changes for Boulder County

Published 2024-04-24

2024 Spotter Training Classes

Published 2024-04-08

Strong and Damaging Winds from April 6th through April 7th, 2024

Published 2024-04-08

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse and Cloud Cover Forecasts

Published 2024-04-04

How do we make our rain and snow maps? Would you like to help us? We're looking for volunteers to measure rain, hail, and snow!

Published 2024-03-22

Find out how to sign up for the CoCoRaHS citizen scientist network to provide high quality weather reports!

Final Summary of the March 13-15, 2024 Front Range Snowstorm

Published 2024-03-21

Mountain Snowfall and Wind Reports for January 12th through January 15th, 2024

Published 2024-01-16

Check out Denver's 2023 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2024-01-03

New Year's Eve Climatology for Denver

Published 2023-12-27

New Year's Day Climatology for Denver

Published 2023-12-27

Christmas Eve Climatology for Denver

Published 2023-12-17

Christmas Climatology for Denver and Probability of a White Christmas

Published 2023-12-17

110th Anniversary of Historic 1913 December Snowstorm in Denver

Published 2023-12-06

Denver's Thanksgiving Climatology

Published 2023-11-21

10 Year Anniversary of the Historic September, 2013 Floods

Published 2023-09-08

Historic Tornado Event - June 21, 2023

Published 2023-07-06

A recount of the historic Logan and Washington Counties tornado event on June 21, 2023.

Large Hail across northeast Colorado on June 28th and June 29th

Published 2023-06-29

June 22, 2023 Tornado over Douglas County

Published 2023-06-24

Flash Flooding and Heavy Rainfall June 11th into June 12th

Published 2023-06-12

Rain and Snow Totals from May 9th through May 12th

Published 2023-05-12

Severe Weather Reports for May 10, 2023

Published 2023-05-11

NOAA Weather Radio Outage

Published 2023-04-13

NOAA Weather Radio Outage

Snowfall Reports for March 27, 2023

Published 2023-03-27

20th Anniversary of March 2003 Blizzard

Published 2023-03-18

Snowfall Reports Past 72 hrs

Published 2023-01-30

Come see us at the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley!

Published 2023-01-22

1 Year Anniversary of the Marshall Fire, December 30, 2021

Published 2022-12-28

A summary of the meteorological factors leading to the Marshall Fire on December 30 2021.

Extreme Wind Chill Readings December 22-23, 2022

Published 2022-12-22

History of Weather Observations at Denver since 1872

Published 2022-12-16

High Wind Reports for Friday, December 2, 2022

Published 2022-12-03

Denver's Halloween Statistics

Published 2022-10-31

Winter Weather Preparedness Week is October 16-22, 2022

Published 2022-10-16

Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Colorado is October 16-22, 2022. Click here to gain knowledge that will help keep you safe and warm this winter.

Denver Weather Balloon Helium Shortage

Published 2022-07-24

Thunder Distracts, Lightning Kills. Lightning Awareness Week in Colorado is June 19-25

Published 2022-06-20

Colorado Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 19-25, 2022. Lightning strikes Colorado half a million times a year, and is a deadly threat to those working and playing outdoors. Learn about the science of lightning, how it forms and when it strikes, and what you can do to keep yourself safe.

First Anniversary of the March 13-14, 2021 Northeast Colorado Blizzard

Published 2022-03-14

Denver's Climate Summary February 2022

Published 2022-03-01

NWS Boulder and NOAA Research Accounts of the Marshall Fire

Published 2022-02-18

NWS Boulder and NOAA Research in Boulder have provided support for Marshall Fire response and recovery efforts. This Storymap describes personal accounts of that terrible day and its aftermath.

Snow, Cold, and Hazardous Travel Conditions late Tuesday through Wednesday

Published 2022-01-31

Denver's 2021 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2022-01-09

Snowfall Reports Colorado January 4-6, 2022

Published 2022-01-07

Denver's Climatology for New Years Day

Published 2021-12-29

Winter Storm Impacting the Colorado Mountains with Hazardous Travel - Details Here

Published 2021-12-23

Denver's Christmas Climatology and Probability of a White Christmas

Published 2021-12-16

High and Potentially Damaging Winds Expected Today

Published 2021-12-14

High winds will develop across the Front Range Wednesday morning, and spread east across the plains. Peak gusts of 60-70 mph will be common, with gusts of 80-100 mph in/near the Front Range Foothills. See more details at

Denver's Latest First Measurable Snow Dates and Consecutive Days of Non Measurable Snowfall

Published 2021-12-10

Review of the Historic December Snowstorm of 1913

Published 2021-12-03

Halloween Snow Climatology for Denver

Published 2021-10-26

Click here for September 2021 Climate Summary

Published 2021-10-01

History of 90 Degree Days at Denver

Published 2021-09-12

Severe and Flood Reports for August 19th

Published 2021-08-20

History of 100 Degree Days at Denver

Published 2021-06-15

Severe Weather Reports for May 22 and May 23, 2021

Published 2021-05-25

Latest Rain and Snow Reports

Published 2021-05-04

Severe Weather, Snow, and Heavy Rain Reports April 27-28, 2021

Published 2021-04-28

Latest Snowfall Reports

Published 2021-04-20

2021 March Climate Summary

Published 2021-04-01

Summary of March 13-14 Snow Storm

Published 2021-03-18

Snowfall Reports for March13th-14th Snowstorm

Published 2021-03-14

Snow Reports for February 17th-18th

Published 2021-02-18

Cooperative Observers Recognized for Dedicated Service

Published 2021-01-22

NWS Cooperative Observers in Byers and Fort Collins were recognized for their volunteer service on January 19. The Diedrich family in Byers have been faithfully taking weather observations on their family farm for 50 years. Jim Wirshborn, our observer in Fort Collins, was recognized with the prestigious John Campanius Holm Award for his outstanding weather observation over more than 30 years.

2020 Annual Climate Summary for Denver

Published 2021-01-02

2020 Most Memorable Weather Events for Northeast and North Central Colorado

Published 2021-01-02

Denver Climatology for New Years Eve

Published 2020-12-30

Denver Climatology for New Years Day

Published 2020-12-30

Online NWS Radar Viewer Gets a Facelift!

Published 2020-12-17

Looking for Current Drought Information? Click here!

Published 2020-12-09

Thanksgiving Climatology for Denver

Published 2020-11-26

Weather Climatology for Veterans Day

Published 2020-11-11

Latest Wind Reports

Published 2020-11-08

High Wind Reports for October 14th, 2020

Published 2020-10-14

September Climate Summary - 2020

Published 2020-10-03

September, 8-9, 2020 Early Season Snow and Record Cold

Published 2020-09-14

Largest 1, 2 and 3 Day Temperature Changes at Denver

Published 2020-09-04

Denver's Heat Statistics

Published 2020-08-22

NWS Forecaster Provides Weather Support for Pine Gulch Fire

Published 2020-08-14

Greeley Transmitter Down for Repairs Today

Published 2020-08-11

Denver's July 2020 Climate Summary

Published 2020-08-02

June Climate Summary

Published 2020-07-16

Lightning Safety Awareness Week - June 21st through June 27th

Published 2020-06-19

Denver Climate Summary for May 2020

Published 2020-06-10

June 8th-9th, 2020 Storm Event Summary for Severe Thunderstorms and High Winds

Published 2020-06-10

Storm Summary for June 6th, 2020 Severe Thunderstorm and High Wind Event

Published 2020-06-07

Event Summary for Weld County Landspout Tornadoes on May 20, 2020

Published 2020-06-03

This is an event summary for May 20, 2020, when six landspout tornadoes occurred in Weld County just north of Greeley and east of Eaton.

North Central & Northeast Colorado Snowmelt and Runoff Outlook

Published 2020-05-16

Snowmelt Outlook for North Central & Northeast Colorado

Denver Climate Summary April 2020

Published 2020-05-02

Denver Climate Summary April 2020

Snowfall from April 11th through April 16th

Published 2020-04-20

Denver Climate Summary March 2020

Published 2020-04-11

Denver Climate Summary March 2020

Much Colder with Snow late this Easter Sunday

Published 2020-04-10

Denver Easter Climate Statistics

Published 2020-04-09

Denver's Monthly Climate Summary for February 2020

Published 2020-03-01

Denver's Climate Summary for February 2020

NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter, at Anton, CO, will be down from 10 am to Noon on Friday

Published 2020-02-28

Both Session of Today's SKYWARN Spotter Training at Hugo has been Cancelled

Published 2020-02-19

Due to inclement weather, both sessions of today's spotter training scheduled for Hugo has been cancelled.

Another Round of Snow this Evening

Published 2020-02-10

A Summary of the February 5th to 7th Winter Storm

Published 2020-02-09

Denver's 2019 Annual Climate Summary

Published 2020-01-03

Denver's 2019 Climate Year in Review

December 2019 Monthly Climate Summary

Published 2020-01-01

The November 2019 climate summary for Denver, Colorado.

Colorado's Top Weather Events for the Decade (2010-2019)

Published 2019-12-19

Headline link to the Top Colorado Weather Events for the Decade (2010-2019)

Strong Winds & Blowing Snow Creating Difficult/Hazardous Travel Today

Published 2019-11-29

November 25-26th, 2019 Snowstorm

Published 2019-11-25

Storm Winds Down Late Tonight, But Very Cold Temps Remain

Published 2019-10-29

Largest 2 Day Temperature Changes at Denver

Published 2019-10-11

Probabilistic Snow Forecasts for Colorado

Published 2019-10-08

Severe Weather on September 11th, 2019

Published 2019-09-12

Get ready for fall weather hazards by visiting our Fall Safety website!

Published 2019-09-04

First 100 Degree Temperature in September for Denver

Published 2019-09-03

Tornadoes and Very Large Hail over Washington County on August 11, 2019

Published 2019-08-14

95th Anniversary of Deadliest Tornado in Colorado

Published 2019-08-10

NWS to issue Air Quality Alerts beginning Monday July 15.

Published 2019-07-12

NWS to issue Air Quality Alerts beginning Monday July 15.

Mountain Snowmelt Runoff

Published 2019-06-20

Mountain Snowmelt Runoff Summary and Forecast

Mountain Snowpack and Hydro Outlook

Published 2019-06-13

North Central Colorado Mountain Snowpack/Snowmelt Hydro Outlook

Severe Weather Reports for June 8th

Published 2019-06-09

Severe Weather Reports - June 7th

Published 2019-06-08

Colorado Mountain Snowpack and Hydro Outlook

Published 2019-06-07

Timeseries sub-basin graphs show the above normal snowpack is melting out late this year.

Summer Safety - Get ready for potential summer weather hazards!

Published 2019-06-01

The Summer Safety Campaign is here starting June 1st! Check the infographics which provide tips for summer weather associated with camping, boating, heat, cars and children, pets and reminders for convective watches and warnings.

Significant Snowfall for the Northern Colorado Mountains through This Evening

Published 2019-05-28

More Severe Storms Possible Today

Published 2019-05-27

Severe Storms Possible Today

Latest Snowfall Reports

Published 2019-05-20

Snow diminishes this evening; Frost Advisory Thursday night into Friday

Published 2019-05-08

Severe Weather Awareness Week - 2019

Published 2019-04-14

Mountain Snowfall from March 1st through March 15th

Published 2019-03-17

7 Day Snowfall Totals in the Mountains

Published 2019-03-08

Denver's Thanksgiving Day Climate History

Published 2018-11-21

NWS Boulder will be at the Self Reliance Experience this Saturday Sept 22 from 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday Sept 23 from 10 am to 4 pm, at Denver's National Western Center. Stop by our booth!

Published 2018-09-16

Staff from the NWS office in Boulder will be at the Self Reliance Experience, held at the National Western Center in Denver. The event runs from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday September 22, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday September 23. Stop by, say hello, and learn a little about weather safety!

Silver Creek Fire Decision Support

Published 2018-09-15

Review of the Historic September 2013 Flood Event

Published 2018-09-11

NWS Boulder will be at the Boulder County Preparedness Fair this Saturday September 15, 9 am - 12 pm at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. Come see us!

Published 2018-09-09

Staff from the NWS office in Boulder will be at the Boulder County Preparedness Fair this Saturday, September 15. The fair will be held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds Barn A, from 9 am to 12 pm. Stop by, say hello, and learn a little about weather safety!

City and County of Denver to test Wireless Emergency Alert System, 11-11:30 am Weds Sept 5

Published 2018-09-04

The City and County of Denver will test the Wireless Emergency Alert System between 11:00 am and 11:30 am on Wednesday September 5. The test area will include the entire City and County of Denver, including Denver International Airport.

Denver's Labor Day Climate History

Published 2018-09-03

Denver's Labor Day Climate History

Denver's Monthly Climate Summary for August 2018

Published 2018-09-02

Denver's Climate Summary for August 2018 - Near normal temperatures with Precipitation below normal.

Spotter Training Schedule

Published 2018-08-05

This is the latest available spotter training schedule

Notice - The Mead/Longmont NWR Transimitter will be down for maintenance from 10am to 2pm today

Published 2018-08-02

July 29: Two confirmed EF-2 tornadoes over eastern Morgan County Sunday - Further analysis to come

Published 2018-07-30

Confirmation of 2 EF-2 Tornadoes over eastern Morgan county Sunday, July 29th. Further analysis will be completed to determine the exact start and end to the 2 EF-2 tornado paths and possibly 2 other tornadoes in vicinity.

Severe Weather Reports for Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Published 2018-06-19

Northeast Colorado Memorial Day Tornadoes - May 28, 2018

Published 2018-05-30

A preliminary overview of a total 14 tornadoes reported in Colorado and observed by spotters and chasers during the afternoon of May 28, 2018. Three of the 14 tornadoes occurred in Kit Carson County which is serviced by the Goodland, KS County Warning Area.

10 years ago, a destructive EF3 tornado roared across Weld County. Read all about this historic Colorado tornado here.

Published 2018-05-22

10 Year Anniversary of the Windsor, Colorado Tornado

Snowfall Totals Map from the Latest Spring Storm

Published 2018-04-21

High Wind Summary for April 17th

Published 2018-04-18

Red Flag Warning Thursday

Published 2018-04-10

Snowfall Reports for the March 26th & 27th Storm

Published 2018-03-27

Latest Snowfall Reports

Denver's St. Patrick's Day Climate

Published 2018-03-17

Why Do NWS Forecasts Reference "Washington's Birthday" Instead of "Presidents Day"?

Published 2018-02-14

NWS Boulder Recognizes Cooperative Observers for Their Length of Service

Published 2017-12-11

NWS Cooperative Observers were recently recognized for their lengthy service.