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Why is the Goodland Weather Office and area so desirable?         

Goodland is located on the High Plains of northwest Kansas. It is the county seat of Sherman County, and is located at the crossroads of Internstate 70 and U.S. Highway 27.  It is approximately 19 miles east of the Kansas/Colorado border and approximately 32 miles south of the Kansas/Nebraska border.  Goodland is located about 3700 feet above sea level.   The National Weather Service office is located in the northern part of Goodland at 920 Armory Road. 


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Community Description:
Goodland is primarily an agricultural community, but the town was founded as a trade center/railroad terminal in 1887.  Adequate local shopping and restaurants, plus easy accessibility to metropolitan areas, give Goodland a true advantage.  Denver is only a 2.5 hour drive; winter skiing is only 4.5 hours away.  All these assets are available without the daily worry of traffic, noise, smog, and violent crime.  A modern medical center serves Goodland and the surrounding area, with a comprehensive consultant program in over 17 areas of medicine.  Click here for more information about Goodland.  Click here for more information about Sherman County. 

Office Activity:
The Goodland National Weather Service office (GLD) is a full-featured Weather Forecast Office with a 19 County Warning Area (CWA) including 3 counties in eastern Colorado, 3 counties in southwest Nebraska, and 13 counties in northwest Kansas.  Aviation forecasts are created for two sites: Goodland, Kansas, and McCook, Nebraska. The office also has a fire weather and hydrologic program. The surface observation program is limited to the supplemental climatological observations.  The office supports approximately 75 observers in the cooperative observer program.  The office employees 22 people.

Climatological records for Goodland are available from 1886 through the present.  Click here for a complete history of the NWS in Goodland.

Goodland is a rural community.  The population of the town is 4,492 while the Sherman County population is 6,010.

Transient and Permanent Living Accommodations:
Goodland is home to several hotels/motels that fit every need and budget.  Permanent accommodations in the form of apartments, mobile homes, and houses are available usually all times of the year.  The average rental is about  $650 per month.  There are numerous homes for sale in all price ranges.

Local Transportation:
A private vehicle is a must in Goodland.  No taxi service is available.  The local airport, Renner Field, is equipped for small corporate jets with two (5499' and 3501') lighted runways and an instrumental landing system. There is no local commercial airline service.


Time from Goodland by automobile:


8 hours


14 hours


10 hours


2.5 hours

Kansas City

6 hours

Los Angeles

17.5 hours


13.75 hours

New York

25 hours


7 hours

St. Louis

10 hours


6.5 hours

Colorado Springs

3 hours

Ft. Collins

3.5 hours


3.5 hours

Cripple Creek

4 hours

Central City/Black Hawk

3 hours


Eating Facilities:
There are numerous restaurants and fast food facilities, many within 5 miles of the office. 

State of Kansas sales tax is 6.3 percent; Sherman County sales tax is 2.25 percent.  You can expect to pay around $1750 in property taxes on a house valued at $100,000.  More information on local taxation is found here.

Goodland has an excellent public school system and a vocational-college that offers 14 programs.  Colby Community College, a two-year junior college is located 36 miles east on Interstate 70.  Fort Hays State University, a four-year college, is located 150 miles east on I-70 in Hays, Kansas.  

Child Care Facilities:
There are numerous day care facilities available.

Agriculture is the primary industry in Sherman County, so many local businesses support  farmers and ranchers.  Wheat, corn, and soybeans are the major crops.  The regional medical center, school district, and retail businesses are the major employers in the county, but there are also jobs in the manufacturing and service industries.

Summer high temperatures average around 90 degrees, but afternoon humidity usually drops to near 35 percent. The dry air allows summer nights to cool to around 60 degrees. Most winter days have temperatures in the 40s.  The highest recorded temperature was 111F; the lowest -27F.  Average annual precipitation is around 20 inches.  Average annual snowfall is near 42 inches.  Prevailing winds are from the south at 13 mph.  The average growing season is 156 days.  Normals, Means, and Extremes and other observations for Goodland are published and distributed monthly and annually by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). 

The community offers six public parks, eight outdoor tennis courts, a public swimming pool, two outdoor basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and a skate park. There is also a sports complex containing four softball fields, baseball field, two concession facilities, and a children’s playground area. Goodland has the only 18 hole golf course between Denver, Colorado, and Hays, Kansas. 

Sugar Hills Golf Course