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NWS Birmingham Online Product Guide


Do you know what products your National Weather Service produces and offers to the public? You might be surprised! Select a category:

(Disclaimer: Please note that not all products are issued routinely. Please check dates and times of products! Also...information may change in this product guide from time to time. We will effort to update as soon as possible after any changes are made. Last update: 05/12/2012.)


· Valid Time Event Coding - VTEC
  New coding string used in many Watch/Warning/Advisory products.

· Routine Products
  Includes daily forecasts, climate information, and observations

· Non-Routine Products
  Includes public information statements, record reports, and earthquake reports

· Severe Weather Products
  Includes watches and warnings, plus follow-up statements

· Winter Weather Products
  Includes watches, warnings and advisories, plus follow-up statements

· Non-Precipitation Hazard Products
  Includes watches, warnings and advisories, plus follow-up statements

· Hydrologic Products
  Includes observations, forecasts, watches, warnings, and statements



· NOAA Weather Radio (including SAME codes)
· WMO Product Codes for NWS Birmingham Products
· What does THAT mean? (a lesson in NWS terminology)