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Helpful Cooperative Observer Program Links and Resources
WxCoder     - Enter your weather observations into the Weather Coder web site
WxCoder User's Guide     - A quick reference on how to use the WxCoder site (PDF)
Observer guide for daily use of the NIMBUS temperature display     - Quick 1-page guide on how to read and reset temperature data (PDF)
Nimbus User's manual     - Nimbus digital thermometer full user guide (PDF)
Instruction Manual for the Recording Rain Gauge      - Full instructions for Fischer & Porter Rebuild-Electronic (FPR-E) Instrument
Snow Measurement Training     - Guidelines for Measuring Snowfall (PDF)
Snow Measurement Training (Video)     - Video tutorial on measuring snowfall, snow depth, and snow water equivalent
Quick Reference Guide for COOP Observers     - Need a refresher on your observational duties? Check out this Quick Reference Guide
National Cooperative Observer Newsletter     - Check out the latest national news and awards in the Cooperative Observer Program!
How Do I Access Past Coop Data?     - Search longstanding cooperative station data
Climatological Data - NCDC Publications  

  - Need additional climate data? The National Climatic Data Center is your source!

Cooperative Weather Observer Helpful Hints and Resources