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Severe Thunderstorm Threat From the Central Plains to the Northeast; Extreme HeatRisk for the East Coast

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible from the central Plains to the Northeast through this evening. Widespread damaging winds are the primary threat but hail and a tornado or two is also possible. Extremely dangerous heat continues across the Eastern U.S. Warm overnight low temperatures will provide little to no relief. Read More >

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1966 Topeka Tornado - A meteorological review

Published 2024-06-03

June 8 1974 Emporia Tornado

Published 2024-06-03

Severe Weather Preparedness Week - March 4-8, 2024

Published 2024-02-23

NWS Topeka Fire Weather Information

Published 2024-02-07

2024 Spotter Show Schedule

Published 2024-01-30

Heat Safety Tips and Resources

Published 2023-07-12

Seeking comments on the NWS “Advisory” and “Special Weather Statements” being replaced by plain language messages.

Published 2023-05-18

May 12, 2023 Brown and Jackson County Tornadoes

Published 2023-05-14

2023 Severe Weather Preparedness Week Information

Published 2023-02-17

2023 Spotter Class Schedule!

Published 2023-02-07

Winter Weather Awareness Day November 17th

Published 2022-11-14

June 11, 2022 - Tornadoes and Damaging Winds from Marysville to Manhattan

Published 2022-06-28

A large, high-precipitation supercell moved south across northeast Kansas over a five hour period. The supercell produced four EF-1 tornadoes, as well as several areas of straight-line winds in excess of 80 mph from the rear flank downdraft of the supercell:

April 29th Severe Weather Event Summary

Published 2022-05-09

EF-1 Tornado in Jefferson County on March 29

Published 2022-03-31

Fire Weather Information

Published 2022-03-25

Kansas Severe Weather Preparedness Week March 7-11th

Published 2022-02-11

Severe Storm Safety and Information Show Schedule 2022

Published 2022-02-07

New “Destructive” Severe Thunderstorm Warning category to trigger Wireless Emergency Alerts on mobile phones

Published 2021-08-06

June 8th 1974 Emporia Tornado

Published 2021-06-05

10 Year Anniversary of EF-3 Reading and Quenemo Tornado

Published 2021-05-21

Kansas Wildfire Awareness Week Feb 15-19th - Fire Management Info Here

Published 2021-02-12

View Statewide Weather Graphics for Kansas

Published 2020-12-18

New Radar Display Page Information

Published 2020-12-08

We need your opinions! Please take our Frost / Freeze product public survey open until 12/17/20

Published 2020-11-16

Try out our New Prototype NWS Radar Page!

Published 2020-06-24

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 21-27

Published 2020-06-17

Everyone Can Help Prevent Hot Car Deaths-Look Before You Lock

Published 2020-06-15

Online Spotter Training Resources

Published 2020-04-20

Want to learn about weather from home?

Published 2020-03-26

NWS Topeka Spring Flood Outlook #1

Published 2020-02-17

PLEASE NOTE: All Remaining Spotter Talks for 2020 have been CANCELLED

Published 2020-01-22

Snowfall Reports over the last 24 Hours

Published 2019-12-16

Severe thunderstorms Damaging wind gusts

Published 2019-07-10

Wednesday morning, July 10th, a line of severe thunderstorms moved east-southeast out of south central Nebraska, then southeast across north central and portions of northeast Kansas.

Don't Leave Children in Parked Vehicles! Look Before You Lock!

Published 2019-06-20

Get ready for summer weather hazards by visiting our summer safety website

Published 2019-06-20

Fire Weather Forecast Information

Published 2019-04-02

Latest Snow Amounts and Map

Published 2019-03-30

Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week March 4-8

Published 2019-02-20

Winter Weather Safety

Published 2018-11-11

Winter is here! Are you prepared? Find out more on the various threats winter weather can pose and how you can stay informed & safe at home, on the road, or outside.

Winter Weather Awareness Day Nov 15th

Published 2018-11-06

2018-19 Winter Outlook

Published 2018-10-18

NEW DATE: IPAWS National Test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Published 2018-09-11

On Wednesday, October 3rd at 1:18 PM CDT, FEMA and the FCC will send a TEST Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) message to nearly all wireless devices in the United States.

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 24 - 30, 2018

Published 2018-06-21

June 8th 1966 Topeka Tornado Information

Published 2018-06-05

May 1, 2018 Tornadoes Hit North Central Kansas **UPDATED**

Published 2018-05-07

Preliminary Damage Survey Results from May 1, 2018

Published 2018-05-02

Kansas Drought Resources

Published 2018-04-11

Severe Weather Awareness Week March 5-9th

Published 2018-02-26

Severe Storm Safety and Information Show Schedule

Published 2018-01-24

Jan 22-26th Wildfire Awareness Week- Get Your Kansas Wildfire Action Guide Here

Published 2018-01-22

Snowfall Totals from Sunday Morning's Snow

Published 2017-12-24

Summer is here...get informed on summer weather hazards by visiting our Summer Safety website!

Published 2017-06-19