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 Program Overview

The NWS Frost/Freeze program is designed to alert gardeners and growers that actions may be needed to protect tender vegetation from potentially harmful cold temperatures. When a frost or freeze is expected during the local growing season, the NWS will issue a Frost Advisory or Freeze Warning.

The “Growing Season” is defined as the period between the average (median) date of the last Spring Freeze and the average date of the first Fall Freeze. Depending on local weather patterns, the start/end of the growing season may vary each season. Actions in the spring can help protect young vegetation that is just in its early stages, with actions in the fall possibly helping to prolong the season. Outside of the growing season, the NWS will not issue any Frost or Freeze headlines, and strongly urges you to follow local forecasts of temperatures and take protective actions if needed.

Please click on the tabs below for more information on the current status of the NWS Charleston frost/freeze program (including frost/freeze risk maps), criteria delineation, Fall/Spring climatology, temperature forecasts and outlooks, etc. Please note that most images can be expanded by clicking on them.





The 2024 Frost/Freeze Program has started for all of the NWS Charleston Forecast Area

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