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The "Voice of the National Weather Service" from NWS Jackson, Kentucky


Regular broadcasts are specifically tailored to the weather information needs for the citizens of Eastern Kentucky. Specialized information, such as hydrological forecasts and climatological data are broadcast. During severe weather, National Weather Service forecasters can interrupt the routine weather broadcasts and insert special warning messages concerning imminent threat to life and property.


NWS Jackson, KY NOAA Weather Radio Coverage Map

When programming your NOAA Weather Radio, you will need to know the SAME Code, which is a six digit number, for any county you would like to receive warning alerts for. The first three digits of the SAME code in Kentucky are 021, in Tennessee 047, in Virginia 051, and in West Virginia 054. The last three digits of the SAME code are shown for each county in the map above.

Example: The SAME code for Perry County, KY would be 021193.

More information about NOAA Weather Radio can be found from the links below.