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Cooperative Weather Observers are community volunteers that take various weather observations daily for the National Weather Service. NWS Jackson, KY manages a dense network of Cooperative Weather Observers with at least one observer in almost every county we cover.


With the high potential for life-threatening flooding here in Eastern Kentucky, accurate and reliable precipitation measurements are very important and all of our Cooperative Weather Observers record precipitation.   We are also fortunate to have some observers who live or work along one of the various waterways here in Eastern Kentucky and they report the river stage, which is critical to forecasting river flooding.

The data recorded by our Cooperative Weather Observers are stored for future use at the National Centers for Environmental Information.  In fact, some of our locations have weather observations dating back well into the 20th century, with a couple stations (Williamsburg and Mt. Sterling) featuring records going all the way back into the 1800s!

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