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A Dense Fog Advisory means that widespread visibility reductions of a quarter of a mile or less are expected or occurring. Please exercise caution if you are driving in the advisory area.

2 Day Hourly Fog Coverage Forecast

Central Iowa Webcams

Note: Webcams are provided through third parties and may not always be up to date. Please check the time stamp on each image to ensure the image is current.

Algona Webcam
Big Creek Beach Webcam
Big Creek Beach
Big Creek Marina Webcam
Big Creek Marina
Cedar Falls Webcam
Cedar Falls
Creston Webcam
Fort Dodge Webcam
Fort Dodge
ISU Ag Farm Webcam
ISU Ag Farm
ISU Ames Webcam
ISU Ames
Jefferson Webcam
Knoxville Webcam
Madrid Webcam
Panora Webcam
Parkersburg Webcam
Pella Webcam
Rathbun Lake Webcam
Rathbun Lake
Rockwell City Webcam
Rockwell City
Stuart Webcam
Tama Webcam
Waverly Webcam
Winterset Webcam
Woodward Webcam

Staying Safe

Dense fog poses the greatest risk to those who are traveling by automobiles since it reduces the distance the driver can see in front of him or her. Following these simple tips should help reduce your risk of getting into an accident due to dense fog:

  • SLOW DOWN! This will give you more time to react to any obstacles you may encounter in the roadway (animals, other cars, people, etc.).
  • Leave extra space between you and the car ahead of you. This may help you avoid an accident if the driver ahead of you has to suddenly stop.
  • Use low-beam (fog) lights, if your vehicle is equiped with them, to help you see further in the fog. Do not use your high-beam lights.
  • Give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Leave early so you are not rushed.
  • If possible, delay any travel until after the fog has lifted. Many times the fog will thin out or completely dissipate within a few hours after sunrise.

Additional Fog Safety Information