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Why become a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador?

In order to truly build communities that are prepared for hazardous weather events, it takes the effort of the entire community. That is why your National Weather Service (NWS) is looking for Ambassadors within organizations to promote awareness of and preparedness for hazardous weather within your sphere of influence. We want to formally acknowledge the efforts of those that are helping to build a Weather-Ready Nation. Together, we can build communities that are resilient to all types of weather hazards.  

Who Can Become a WRN Ambassador?

  • Any organization across all levels of government
  • Businesses large and small
  • TV, Radio, and Print media
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • Churches
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Academia


Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador:

  • Use your local NWS office in Mobile, AL as a resource to enhance weather safety plans. Periodic emails to WRN Ambassadors will provide information such as links to newly posted outreach material on relevant hazards, as well as updates on experimental or newly operational NOAA/NWS products, services, or data. 
  • Introduction to a complete array of NOAA/NWS products and services
  • Permission to use the WRN logo allows organizations to identify themselves as steadfast partners in this initiative
  • Ambassadors are part of a unified effort to increase consistency in messaging
For more information on how to become a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador, please contact NWS Mobile Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Jason Beaman, at 251-633-6443 ext. 223 or email
To learn more about this national initiative, visit the Weather-Ready Nation website: