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Welcome to our "virtual tour" of the National Weather Service Forecast Office in San Angelo, Texas!


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Welcome To NWS San Angelo


The National Weather Service forecast office in San Angelo is located adjacent to the San Angelo Regional Airport (Mathis Field). Our mission in the National Weather Service is to provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property, and enhancement of the national economy.

NWS San Angelo Area of Responsibility (County Warning Area) 

Our office collects weather observations and issues public forecasts, watches, warnings, advisories, and other weather-related products for 24 counties in west-central Texas.  We also issue terminal aerodrome forecasts for five local airports, fire weather forecasts for government and commercial interests, and have a full-service hydrology program.

The organization consists of:

Office Management and Administrative Team:

  • Meteorologist in Charge (MIC) oversees all office activities.

  • Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) is the primary liaison between the NWS office and the external customer community.

  • Science & Operations Officer (SOO) provides ongoing training to the staff and works with the latest technology and scientific research advances.

  • Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) is responsible for all the electronics in the office and ensuring that the hardware of all computer components work together.

  • Information Technology Officer (ITO) is responsible for making all computer programs work on different operating platforms.

  • Observing Program Leader (OPL) is responsible for the cooperative observer program, data acquisition from all sources, and quality control of data.

  • Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) makes sure all the administrative aspects of a government office are taken care of.

Operations Team:

  • Forecasters prepare all public forecast and warning products, aviation forecast products, and fire weather forecast products. Forecasters also monitor incoming meteorological and hydrological data, including river and stream gage information. Forecasters work rotating shifts, ensuring a continuous weather watch twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Electronic Technicians (ET) provide the daily maintenance on all equipment including the WSR-88D radar and Automated Surface Observing Systems.

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