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Additional Local Climate Information

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Tabular Monthly Climate Summary
San Angelo

Regional Temperature and Precipitation Summary
Regional Temperature and Precipitation Summary
(Issued once per day by 1:30pm local time)

Supplemental Daily Precipitation Data
24 Hour Rainfall Reports through 7AM
(Issued only when precipitation occurs)

Historical Monthly and Annual Rainfall Data
Abilene: 1885-1924  | 1925-1968  | 1969-2024
San Angelo: 1867-1924  | 1925-1976  | 1977-2024

Wind Roses
San Angelo

Miscellaneous Information
San Angelo Record Event Report
Abilene Record Event Report
Normals and Records
Monthly and Annual Highlights
Consecutive Days With No Measurable Precipitation
White Christmas Climatology
Christmas Day Climatology
New Year's Day Climatology
Freeze Information
How to Access Climate Graphics & Tables on our Website
Top 10 Weather Events in West Central Texas in 2023

Climate Links
National Centers for Environmental Information
(formerly National Climatic Data Center)

Southern Regional Climate Center
Office of the State Climatologist
Climate Prediction Center
El Niño/La Niña Information


Climate Maps
Texas & Southern U.S.

Severe Weather Climatolgy
KDYX / KSJT / National
A Severe Weather and Flood Climatology of West Central Texas 

Analysis of Historical Hail Size Distribution Across the West Central Texas Region

Local El Niño/La Niña Studies
The Effects of El Niño/La Niña on Precipitation in West Central Texas
West Central Texas During El Niño:
A Look at Snowfall

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Monthly Graphs
Normal Max Temperature:
Abilene / San Angelo
Normal Min Temperature:
Abilene / San Angelo
Normal Average Temperature:
Abilene / San Angelo
Normal Precipitation:
Abilene / San Angelo
Highs 100 degrees or hotter:
Abilene / San Angelo
Lows 32 degrees or colder:
Abilene / San Angelo

Record Heat in 2011
Summer Heat Records
Local Paper on Temperature and
Precipitation Records for 2011

100 Degree Temperature Stats
San Angelo