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Latest Information on the KXI-79, Hillsboro IL NOAA Weather Radio Outage

Published 2024-06-17

Latest information on NOAA Weather Radio KXI-79 Hillsboro, Illinois.

Back by popular more virtual spotter class on August 5th! All ages are welcome!

Published 2024-06-13

NWS Soliciting Comments on Discontinuation of Haines Index and Lightning Activity Level (LAL) from Fire Weather Forecasts

Published 2024-05-31

May 26, 2024 Severe Weather Event Review

Published 2024-05-28

May 7-8, 2024 Severe Weather Event Review

Published 2024-05-07

Review of April 18 Severe Storms

Published 2024-04-20

This is the summary page for the severe thunderstorm event on April 18, 2024.

April 1st, 2024 Severe Weather Event

Published 2024-04-04

March 14th 2024 Severe Weather Event

Published 2024-03-16

Severe thunderstorms resulted in numerous reports of damage across the St. Louis Area. A total of five EF-0 tornadoes were confirmed and hail greater than 3 inches in diameter resulted in extensive damage north of downtown St. Louis.

Missouri and Illinois Severe Weather Preparedness Weeks: March 4-8, 2024

Published 2024-01-29

Missouri/Illinois Severe Weather Preparedness Week

NWS St. Louis Announces 2024 Storm Spotter Presentation Schedule!

Published 2023-12-22

Join thousands across the United States: become a trained storm spotter! Classes are free, take roughly 2 hours, interactive, and are offered in-person or virtually. There is no age limit either!

Try Out Our New National Water Prediction Service Webpage! Submit Feedback Through December 15, 2023

Published 2023-11-20

Try Out Our New National Water Prediction Service Webpage! Submit Feedback Through December 15, 2023

Winter Weather Preparedness Week: November 6th - November 10th, 2023

Published 2023-11-02

NOAA Weather Radio Jerseyville Outage

Published 2023-09-06

NOAA Weather Radio KXI-70 will be off-air until further notice due to extensive damage to electric utilities on site.

Continued Improvement to Drought Conditions but Hot/Dry Weather May Deteriorate Moving Forward

Published 2023-08-25

August 4, 2023 Baring Missouri Tornado

Published 2023-08-06

This is the results of the preliminary damage survey on tornado which hit Baring, Missouri on August 4, 2023.

July 29, 2023 MCS Event

Published 2023-07-30

On July 29, 2023, a long-track mesoscale convective system (MSC) pushed through the region, resulting numerous wind gusts of 60-70 mph and localized gusts near 80 mph. Downed trees and powerlines were common along the track, leaving thousands of residents without powers for several hours.

NWS St. Louis Open House 2023

Published 2023-07-24

The National Weather Service in St. Louis will be hosting an open house on September 23, 2023. All from the public are welcome! If you would like to attend, please click the link here to view more information.

NWS Hazard Simplification: Proposed Changes to Display of Alerts

Published 2023-05-17

The NWS Hazard Simplification (Haz Simp) project has conducted extensive research on how we might improve our alerting system. This survey will ask for your feedback on how NWS should display Watches, Warnings, and the forthcoming plain language headlines.

March 31st Severe Event - Salem, IL Tornado

Published 2023-04-03

NWS St. Louis Radar Upgrade DELAYED Until April 6th

Published 2023-03-29

NWS St. Louis Radar Upgrade DELAYED Until April 6th

Now Accepting Applications for the Summer 2023 Student Volunteer Position

Published 2023-03-13

NWS St. Louis Receives Gold Medal from the Department of Commerce

Published 2023-01-26

The National Weather Service Office in St. Louis received a Gold Medal from the Department of Commerce on 1/24/2023 for outstanding customer service ahead of, during and after the historic tornado outbreak of December 10-11 2021.

In Person and Virtual Storm Spotter Classes 2023 - Schedule Released!

Published 2022-12-29

In Person and Virtual Storm Spotter Classes Coming This Winter and Spring!

NWS St. Louis Hires New Meteorologist in Charge!

Published 2022-07-28

July 26th, 2022 Historic Flash Flooding in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Published 2022-07-26

Persistent thunderstorms caused record flash flooding in the St. Louis metropolitan area during the morning of July 26th, which led to widespread impacts across the region during the morning rush hour.

Building a Climate-Ready Nation

Published 2022-07-15

Interested in learning about climate change and efforts to mitigate its impacts? Take a look at NOAA's new resource for building a Climate-Ready Nation!

May 19, 2022 Tornadoes

Published 2022-05-23

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, numerous strong to severe thunderstorms impacted the area resulting in eight confirmed tornadoes. Multiple locations suffered wind damage, some of which was extensive across sections of southeast Missouri and southwest Illinois.

Official forecast gage on the Kaskaskia River at Carlyle, IL is moving

Published 2022-03-29

Forecast services on the Kaskaskia River at Carlyle, IL is moving from the Carlyle Dam tailwater gage downstream to the US Highway 50 gage.

Dewpoint Climatology for St. Louis, Columbia, and Quincy

Published 2022-02-08

Snowfall Totals for February 2-3, 2022

Published 2022-02-04

Snowfall Totals From February 2-3, 2022

Major Winter Storm Tuesday Night - Thursday

Published 2022-02-01

A major winter storm will bring significant snow, sleet, and freezing rain to the region creating major travel issues. If you don't have to go out on the roads during this event, please don't as roads will become covered in snow and ice and will be very treacherous!

Christmas Day Records and Climatology

Published 2021-12-21

Update Regarding the Bellflower NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter Outage

Published 2021-12-17

Latest Damage Survey Information for December 10th 2021 Tornadoes

Published 2021-12-15

Preliminary Event Summary for the October 24th, 2021 Tornadoes

Published 2021-10-28

A Preliminary Event Summary for the October 24th, 2021 Tornadoes is now available. Please note that we are still reviewing data and the track details are subject to change as more data becomes available.

Preliminary Storm Damage Information for the October 24th, 2021 Tornadoes

Published 2021-10-25

Preliminary Storm Damage Information for the October 24th, 2021 Tornadoes

2021-2022 Winter Outlook

Published 2021-10-21

October 11th, 2021 Wrights, IL Tornado

Published 2021-10-12

NWS St. Louis has rated the tornado that moved through Wrights, IL an EF-2, estimating maximum wind speeds around 115 mph. This tornado destroyed 4 farm buildings in or near Wrights, before moving NE and producing sporadic damage to vegetation.

Brief EF-0 Tornado Confirmed Northeast of Farmington, MO the Morning of July 31st, 2021

Published 2021-07-31

Ready to Plant? Check out the Frost/Freeze Guide for Missouri!

Published 2021-03-29

Test Tornado Warning Activates Wireless Emergency Alerts on Cell Phones

Published 2021-03-02

A test of our tornado warning system today as part of Severe Weather Awareness Week was not intended to be broadcast as a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA). The new code for our Common Alerting Protocol Handler, implemented last week, mistakenly allowed the test to go out over WEA as an actual warning. The software was fixed immediately.

Presidents Day 2021 Snow Event

Published 2021-02-17

We Are Considering Changes to Our Frost and Freeze Program - Please Provide Your Input!

Published 2020-11-18

Midwest Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook

Published 2020-09-23

Summer impacts included the Iowa derecho in August as well as regional temperature and precipitation departures. Also included are regional temperature and precipitation outlooks for the rest of the year.

Missouri Frost / Freeze Probabilities Guide

Published 2020-03-14

Remaining 2020 Spotter Classes Cancelled

Published 2020-03-14

Click here to see the Halloween climate records for our area!

Published 2019-10-21

This headline contains a link to the Halloween Climatology page.

River Levels Rising Again Along the Missouri River

Published 2019-06-24

May 21-23, 2019 Severe Thunderstorms, Jefferson City Tornado

Published 2019-05-23

Flooding Ongoing Along Several Area Rivers - Latest Stages and Forecasts

Published 2019-05-14

Easter Climatology Fun Facts!

Published 2019-04-18

Snow Early Sunday Morning

Published 2019-04-13

Event Review for Historic April 10, 2001 Supercell

Published 2019-04-10

St. Patrick's Day Climatology

Published 2019-03-16

Wind Chill Advisory for Northeast MO & West Central IL through Noon Today

Published 2019-01-30

Winter storm summary 1/11/2019 - 1/13/2019

Published 2019-01-14

A winter storm brought significant snowfall to parts of the region this past weekend.

Major Winter Storm to Bring Significant Snow Accumulation

Published 2019-01-10

The Tornado Outbreak of December 1st, 2018

Published 2018-12-04

Halloween Climatology for St. Louis, Columbia and Quincy

Published 2018-10-29

WeatherReady Fest Coming to St. Louis - Includes Weather Fun for Kids and Two Spotter Talks!

Published 2018-08-14

Remembering the Great Flood of 1993

Published 2018-07-06

The size and impact of the Great Flood of 1993 was unprecedented and is considered the most costly and devastating flood to ravage the U.S. in modern history. The number of record river levels, the aerial extent, the number of persons displaced, amount of crop and property damage and its duration surpassed all earlier U.S. floods in modern times.

Storm Survey Planned For Today

Published 2018-06-29

Widespread Wind Damage and the Elsah, IL Tornado - June 28th, 2018

Published 2018-06-29

New Frequency for NOAA Weather Radio in Bellflower, Missouri

Published 2018-04-13

Severe Thunderstorms Possible This Afternoon and Tonight

Published 2018-04-13

Easter Climatology - Fun Weather Facts! When is the last time it snowed on Easter?

Published 2018-03-30

Missouri Frost/Freeze Probabilities Guide

Published 2018-03-29

Frost Freeze Missouri Cold Plants

Severe Storm Spotter/Weather Safety Classes: Hatton, MO, 3/27/18

Published 2018-03-26

Severe Storm Spotter Classes for Missouri and Illinois

Severe Storm Spotter/Weather Safety Class: Jefferson City, MO, 3/26/18: Hatton, MO, 3/27/18

Published 2018-03-25

Severe Storm Spotter/Weather Safety class schedule 2018

National Weather Service Spring Outlook 2018

Published 2018-03-16

National Weather Service Spring Outlook 2018

NOAA Announces Supercomputer Upgrade

Published 2018-01-09

NOAA Supercomputer Upgrade

Total Solar Eclipse Today!

Published 2017-05-17