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This archived data is the original uncorrected data received in real-time.
Occasionally, the gage owner will need to apply corrections to this data before it is considered approved.
To obtain the final approved data from these gages, please contact the gage owner.

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at St. Louis on the Mississippi or St. Charles on the Missouri River
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Mississippi River
Canton, MO Lock and Dam 20 Tailwater
La Grange MO
Quincy, IL
Quincy, IL Lock and Dam 21 Tailwater
Hannibal, MO
Saverton, MO Lock and Dam 22 Tailwater
Louisiana, MO
Clarksville, MO Lock and Dam 24 Tailwater
Mozier Landing, MO
Winfield, MO Lock and Dam 25 Tailwater
Grafton, IL
Downtown Alton, IL
Mel Price Lock and Dam 26 Tailwater
St. Louis, MO
Herculaneum, MO
Brickey's Landing, MO (Inactive after Jan/2020)
Chester, IL

Missouri River
Jefferson City, MO
Chamois, MO
Gasconade, MO
Hermann, MO
Washington, MO
St. Charles, MO

Illinois River
La Grange, IL Lock and Dam 8 Tailwater
Meredosia, IL
Valley City, IL
Hardin, IL

Meramec River
Steelville, MO
Sullivan, MO
Pacfic, MO
Eureka, MO
Valley Park, MO
Fenton, MO
Arnold, MO


Big River
Irondale, MO
Richwoods, MO
Byrnesville, MO

Black River
Annapolis, MO

Bourbeuse River
Union, MO

Cuivre River
Troy, MO
Old Monroe, MO

Creve Coeur Creek
Creve Coeur, MO

Dardenne Creek
Weldon Spring, MO
St. Peters, MO

Gasconade River
Rich Fountain, MO

Hinkson Creek
Columbia, MO

Joachim Creek
DeSoto, MO

Kaskaskia River
Ramsey, IL
Vandalia, IL
Carlyle, IL (Tailwater)
Carlyle, IL
Posey, IL
New Athens, IL

La Moine River
Ripley, IL

Little St. Francis River
Fredricktown, MO

Maries River
Westphalia, MO

Middle Fabius River
Ewing, MO

Middle Fork Salt River
Holliday, MO

Moreau River
Jefferson City, MO

North Fabius River
Ewing, MO

North Fork Salt River
Hagers Grove, MO

North River
Palmyra, MO

Osage River
St. Thomas, MO
Mari-Osa Campground, MO

River des Peres
Affton, MO

Salt River
Clarence Cannon Dam (Pool)
Clarence Cannon Dam
Center, MO
New London, MO

South Fabius River
Taylor, MO

St. Francis River
Roselle, MO
Mill Creek, MO
Saco, MO

Wyaconda River
Canton, MO

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