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StormReady® is a National Weather Service Program that started in 1999. The program was designed to help communities improve their communication and safety skills needed to save lives and property during severe weather. For more information about the StormReady® Program in general, you can visit the national StormReady® website.

Businesses, schools, and other non-governmental entities often establish severe weather safety plans and actively take part and promote severe weather safety awareness activities. An entity that promotes the principles and guidelines of the StormReady program may be eligible to become a StormReady® "Supporter." Potential StormReady® Supporters include schools. For more information, you may visit the StormReady® Supporter website.

National Weather Service Jacksonville is now offering the StormReady® Supporter recognition status to K-12 schools. There is perhaps no greater weather disaster than one that impacts a school full of children. In much the same way that StormReady® saved the lives of 50 movie goers in a single Ohio theater during a tornado outbreak, the StormReady® Supporter for Schools program could save the lives of hundreds of students and faculty.

If you are interested the StormReady® Supporter program for your school, please email the NWS Jacksonville and let us know of your interest. We will help you with the application process, which includes two steps:

1. Your school must satisfy all of the Guidelines below, and
2. You must complete the application & submit to NWS Jacksonville for review (email).

StormReady® schools will be presented with a certificate and listed on the national StormReady Supporter web page.
Click here for pictures of area StormReady® presentations.

 StormReady® Supporter Guidelines
 Individual School Guidelines        Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format             Rich Text (.rtf) Format
 StormReady® Supporter Application Forms
 Individual School Application  Rich Text (.rtf) Format  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format
 School District Application  Rich Text (.rtf) Format  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format
 Other Links
Sample Severe Weather Emergency Plan  Rich Text (.rtf) Format  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format
Sample Severe Weather Emergency
Plan Quick-Reference Guide
 Rich Text (.rtf) Format  Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format
S.P.O.T. Course
(Spotter Training)
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(weather coordinator will administer quiz)
S.W.A.T. Course
(Severe Weather Risk Assessment Training)
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 StormReady® Supporter Contact Information NWS Jacksonville

Email Applications and Questions to:

Angie Enyedi