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SKYWARN™ Spotter Class Schedule - These Classes are Virtual                                                                                                
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SKYWARN™ Spotter Class Schedule - These Classes are In-Person                                                                                                
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Alachua May 28th
6 - 8 pm

Alachua County EOC
1100 SE 27th St
Gainesville, FL 32641


David Peaton


IMPORTANT:  Classes may be canceled with short notice should severe weather, a tropical storm, or hurricane pose a threat to the forecast area.  All potential class attendees should check the web site on the day of the class or contact the class point of contact to insure that the class has not been canceled. 



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What is the NWS Skywarn™ Storm Spotter Program? 

The Skywarn™ spotter program is a nationwide network of volunteers trained by the National Weather Service (NWS) to report significant weather. All are welcome to participate!  The NWS's mission is to protect lives and property from dangerous weather events through forecasts and warning notifications. Skywarn™ spotters help meet this mission by safely relaying ground truth weather observation reports to their local NWS office. Spotter reports ultimately help the NWS provide better weather watch and warning services.


Skywarn™ Observations

Skywarn™ reports are relayed from on the road, while at work, or at your home. Never jeopardize your own safety while participating in Skywarn™.  Spotter safety is always of upmost importance - Spotters are never encouraged to go outside during dangerous weather. When safe for spotter do relay weather reports to the NWS JAX, there are multiple ways to do so either by calling the operations team, submitting online reports or sharing reports via Social Media. 


Skywarn™ and Amateur Radio Operators

HAM radio operators have a special place in the Skywarn™ program. NWS offices have HAM equipment on site. Skywarn™ nets run by the volunteer amateur radio net control operators allow for reports to be directly heard at National Weather Service offices. For more information on the NWS Jacksonville HAM radio network, contact Scott Roberts.


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