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Local Research, Studies, and Event Reviews

When we aren't making forecasts, issuing severe weather warnings, and going out into the community to increase weather awareness, our staff is perpetually working to improve the way we do things. This page offers a glance into some of the research that we are incorporating into daily operations and reviews of past weather events. These notes, papers, abstracts, articles, and technical memorandums are organized by topic. (If there are multiple authors not all from NWS Huntsville, NWS Huntsville authors are bolded.)

Note: Some files are in PDF format (click here to download a free PDF reader) and are several megabytes in size.

Forecasting General/Operational Severe Weather Lightning/Radar Event Reviews


Papers and presentations presenting research on new forecasting techniques and discoveries, and forecast notes on weather scenarios significant to Tennessee Valley weather forecasting.


General Operational Topics
Papers and presentations researching and discussing topics pertinent to operational meteorology.


Severe Weather
Formal severe weather event reviews and experimental techniques being integrated for use in an operational setting during severe weather.

Lightning and Radar Technologies
Papers and presentations presenting research on new operational severe weather techniques and discoveries involving weather radar and lightning detection.

Event Reviews
A variety of event reviews (some informal) offering a "behind-the-scenes" glimpse into our meteorological thinking before, during, and after some notable weather events that affected our area. Note: These are sorted by event date rather than alphabetically by author.