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Hazardous Heat Across the Western U.S.; Heavy Rain and Flooding in the Southwest and Western Gulf Coast

Dangerous heat will persist over portions of interior California, the Great Basin, and the northern Rockies through Thursday. Heat will gradually spread into the northern Plains today. Across the western Gulf Coast, heavy to excessive rainfall will persist through mid-week. Additionally, the Southwest Monsoon will continue to bring a flash flooding threat to the Four Corners Region this week. Read More >


Area Forecast Discussion   Issued: 07/23/2024 07:50:06 PM UTC

Hazardous Weather Outlook   Issued: 07/23/2024 07:55:04 PM UTC

Non-Precipitation Warnings / Watches / Advisories   Issued: 07/23/2024 09:46:53 PM UTC

Public Information Statement   Issued: 07/15/2024 09:04:07 PM UTC

Recreational Report   Issued: 07/23/2024 07:30:52 PM UTC

Regional Weather Summary   Issued: 07/23/2024 04:48:06 PM UTC

State Forecast   Issued: 07/23/2024 08:05:04 PM UTC

Special Weather Statement   Issued: 07/23/2024 06:59:48 PM UTC

Zone Forecast Product   Issued: 07/23/2024 07:53:41 PM UTC


Climate Reports

Climatological Report (Daily)   Issued: 07/23/2024 12:24:40 PM UTC

WFO Monthly/Daily Climate Data   Issued: 07/31/2024 04:11:11 PM UTC

Record Report   Issued: 06/19/2024 06:55:32 AM UTC



Regional Weather Roundup   Issued: 07/23/2024 09:10:13 PM UTC

Regional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation Table   Issued: 07/23/2024 05:40:06 PM UTC



Flood Potential Outlook   Issued: 05/30/2024 11:53:53 PM UTC


Fire Weather

Routine Fire Wx Fcst (With/Without 6-10 Day Outlook)   Issued: 07/23/2024 01:55:13 PM UTC

Suppression Forecast   Issued: 07/20/2024 06:56:06 AM UTC


Severe Weather

Local Storm Report   Issued: 07/23/2024 06:24:06 AM UTC

Severe Thunderstorm Warning   Issued: 07/23/2024 05:40:28 AM UTC

Severe Weather Statement   Issued: 07/23/2024 06:44:29 AM UTC


Public Awareness/Safety


Aviation (TAFs)

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast   Issued: 07/23/2024 06:58:22 PM UTC

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast   Issued: 07/23/2024 07:09:42 PM UTC

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast   Issued: 07/23/2024 09:10:31 PM UTC

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast   Issued: 07/23/2024 09:11:42 PM UTC

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast   Issued: 07/23/2024 08:08:53 PM UTC


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