National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Office Staff

Below is a staff roster for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Norman, Oklahoma. Currently, we have 27 employees. If a link is available next to an individual name, you can e-mail that staff member, or view a brief biography.

Administrative Staff
Bio Position Name
  Meteorologist In Charge David Andra
Warning Coordination Meteorologist Rick Smith
  Science and Operations Officer Todd Lindley
  Electronic Systems Analyst Jeff Engel
  Information Technology Officer Aaron Anderson
  Administrative Support Assistant Suzanne Jenkins
Senior Meteorologists
Bio Position Name
  Senior Meteorologist Ryan Barnes
  Senior Meteorologist Kevin Brown
  Senior Meteorologist Scott Curl
  Senior Meteorologist Wayne Ruff
Senior Meteorologist Doug Speheger
General Meteorologists
Bio Position Name
  Meteorologist Randy Bowers
  Meteorologist Matthew Day
  Meteorologist Vivek Mahale
  Meteorologist Erin Maxwell
  Meteorologist John Pike
Meteorologist Cheryl Sharpe
  Meteorologist Jennifer Thompson
  Meteorologist Bruce Thoren
  Meteorologist Phillip Ware
  Meteorologist Alex Zwink
  Meteorologist Vacant
Bio Position Name
  Senior Service Hydrologist Steve Kruckenberg
Data Acquisition
Bio Position Name
  Observations Program Leader Forrest Mitchell
Electronics Technicians
Bio Position Name
  Electronics Technician Monty Davis
  Electronics Technician Dan Herring
  Electronics Technician Bill Nardi
  Electronics Technician Vacant