National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
...Record High Temperatures Wednesday, June 19th...

The high of 96F in Caribou, Maine on Wednesday, 6/19 tied the
daily record of 96F which was set in 2020. It also tied the all-
time high temperature in Caribou which has now been observed on
four days. The first time was on June 29, 1944. The second time
was on May 22, 1977, and the third time was on June 19, 2020.
Weather records in Caribou began in 1939.

In addition, the low of 71F on 6/19 tied the record maximum low
temperature on record. The last time there was a low of 71F was on
July 25, 2018. There have now been 7 nights that this low
temperature record has been tied.

The high of 95F at Houlton tied the record for the day, which was
last set in 2020. The all-time record high in Houlton is 99F,
which was established on August 2, 1975. Weather records began in
Houlton in 1948.

The high of 97F in Millinocket broke the daily record of 95F which
was last set in 2020. It fell shy of the all-time record high of
101F set on June 18, 1907. Weather records began in 1903.

In Bangor, the high of 95F tied the record which was last set in
1995. The all-time high temperature record in Bangor is 104F, set
on August 19, 1935.  Weather records in Bangor began in 1925.

No record warm low temperatures were established or tied at
Houlton, Millinocket, and Bangor.